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OMG That Freeze Killed My Plants!

December (Christmas Eve!!!) brought some freezing weather that left it’s mark on many of our plants. If you noticed some of your plants have been affected in this way, you may be wondering what you should do. Here are some tips on how to revive/protect them!

Know that not all is not lost – there are steps you can take to potentially save your frost-damaged plants and get them back in action for the warmer months.

First, assess the situation. Take a look at the plant and examine it for signs of frost and freeze damage, such as discoloration of leaves or wilting of stems. If you’re able to do this soon after the freeze event, then you may notice that the leaves haven’t become fully frozen yet. This could very well mean that they still have enough moisture inside to potentially survive if treated correctly. It can also give you some insight into which parts of the plant were hit hardest by the cold weather.

Second, provide extra care for your affected plants in an effort to help them rebound more quickly. This includes keeping them moist with adequate water when it warms up enough outside – usually two or three weeks after a freeze event. You should also cut away any damaged foliage to bring some energy back into the plant, but make sure not to trim anything until danger of cold temperatures have passed – mid-March for Florida gardeners is a safe bet!

Additionally, you may want to consider adding mulch around the base of each plant, as this can help retain moisture for longer periods of time and reduce stress on young roots during warm periods of extreme heat.

Thirdly, don’t be too hasty in assuming your frost-damaged plants are dead – many times they will revive and come back with plenty of vigor once spring has arrived (the key here being patience!). Consider looking into what flowering bulbs are hardy enough to withstand extreme temperatures – if planted now these might put on quite a show come next year! Lastly, if after all these steps your plants still aren’t recovering like you had hoped then it may unfortunately be time to start over with something new. Not all plants that have been exposed to freezing temperatures will make it out alive unfortunately!

No matter what happens though always remember: even in tragic circumstances like this one there is hope! If you keep following these simple tips then you may just find yourself heading into summer with greener pastures than before. Good luck!