Florida Bluegrass Festivals

Florida’s bluegrass festivals harmonize with the state’s vibrant music scene, offering a melodic immersion into the genre’s roots while uniting enthusiasts in a jubilant celebration of this soulful music style.

Here’s a curated guide to prominent bluegrass festivals in Florida, each resonating with its unique charm and the optimal times to revel in their harmonies:

Palatka Bluegrass Festival:

Taking place annually in February amid Palatka’s serene St. Johns River setting, this event unites traditional and contemporary bluegrass for an enchanting experience.

Bluegrass Festival 2024 | February 15th, 16th and 17th, 2024 — The Annual February Palatka Bluegrass Festival COMING @TheRanch

yee haw music fest

Yee Haw Music Fest:

Located in Live Oak, this multi-day March festival delights audiences with not only bluegrass but also Americana and folk, embracing a diverse musical spectrum.

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Southland Bluegrass Music Festival:

The tranquil Northwest Florida countryside in Chipley becomes the backdrop for this April festival, weaving classic and modern bluegrass harmonies.

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Suwannee Spring Reunion:

A March event at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, it offers a blend of bluegrass, folk, and roots music, attracting a varied audience.

ems spring bluegrass fest

EMS Spring Bluegrass Fest:

Held in May at Brooksville, this festival combines local talents with established performers, delivering an enthralling experience for bluegrass aficionados.

cayamo festival 2024


Although not exclusively bluegrass, this February event combines a cruise experience with a diverse musical lineup that sometimes includes celebrated bluegrass artists.

florida bluegrass classic

Florida Bluegrass Classic Festival and Car Show:

Emerging in early fall in Brooksville, this festival celebrates bluegrass essence with a mix of seasoned and emerging performers.

moon crush pink moon

Moon Crush Pink Moon:

Set in Miramar Beach, this April festival, though not purely bluegrass, occasionally features artists from the genre, amplifying the diverse musical celebration.

These gatherings beckon enthusiasts to savor bluegrass’s beauty in varied settings, from enchanting outdoor locales to intimate gatherings, promising soulful tunes and a vibrant community ambiance.

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