Ultimate Guide to Military Discounts Nationwide

When it comes to military discounts, there are plenty of retailers that offer special savings, but what’s the best way to take advantage of these offers? With this guide, you’ll be able to find the deals your soldier deserves.

Make sure you understand the requirements for gaining access to a discount before you shop. Some retailers require proof of service or ID verification for all purchases made with a military discount. In addition, many stores only extend these savings to specific branches of the armed forces, such as Army, Navy or Air Force personnel and their spouses or dependents.

Here are the discounts you can get nationwide…

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Harriott II Riverboat, Montgomery

10% off with valid Military I.D. Offer is valid on Individual Tickets. See more.

Tuition Waiver for Purple Heart Medal Recipients

Public institutions of higher learning in Alabama, including two-year and four-year postsecondary technical colleges, community colleges and junior colleges, may waive tuition and fees for recipients of the Purple Heart Medal for undergraduate studies. See more.

Discounted Fishing License

The Annual Military Veteran’s Appreciation License is available to resident veterans with a minimum of 20% disability as certified by the Veteran’s Administration. See more.

Disabled Veteran Special Hunting License

A special hunting license is available to 100% service-connected veterans at a cost of $2 plus the applicable issuance fee (subject to a possible cost adjustment). A special hunting license is available to 50% service-connected veterans at half of the usual cost plus the applicable issuance fee. See more.


Alaska Marine Highway System

A reduced fare pass is available for travel on Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) vessels for U.S. veterans having a service-connected veteran’s disability. The pass entitles the disabled veteran and an attendant (if required by a physician) to travel at half the regular passenger fare. Reduced fare does not include vehicle or stateroom. The pass is valid for travel between Alaskan ports on all AMHS vessels, year-round. See more.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses for Active Duty

Active members of the Alaska National Guard and Alaska military reserves stationed in the State of Alaska who meet residency requirements may receive a free hunting and sport fishing license. Members of the military service who are on active duty permanently stationed in Alaska, or a dependent of a member of the military service on active duty permanently stationed in Alaska, and who have met residency requirements may apply for military licenses at the time of license application and pay the same rate as a resident. See more.

Disabled Veteran Hunting and Fishing License

Disabled Veteran resident hunting and sport fishing licenses are available at no charge to honorably discharged veterans with a 50% or greater service-connected disability and Alaska residency. Applicants must have lived in Alaska for 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the application. See more.

State Camping Pass for Disabled Veterans

The legislature granted Disabled Veterans (DAV) the right to receive one Alaska State Park Camping Pass free of charge. The DAV Camping Pass, which is valid in all developed Alaska State Park campgrounds and is good for two years. See more.

Alaska Aviation Museum, Anchorage

Admission for military veterans is discounted. See more.

Alaska Railroad

U.S. military personnel receive 20% off published retail rail fares. See more.

The Fish House Fishing Charters, Seward

10% Military Discount available, subject to limited availability per vessel. See more.


Phoenix Coyotes, Glendale

To honor those who have served, the Arizona Coyotes are offering active and veteran military personnel with identification the ability to purchase up to two select upper-level tickets for $15 each or two lower-level tickets for $30 each. See more.

Phoenix Suns, Phoenix

As a way to say thank you, military members attending specially designated evenings with a valid military ID are eligible for certain discounts. Check the link for upcoming dates. See more.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Resident hunting and fishing licenses for members of the armed forces on active duty, stationed in the state are available upon application. Complimentary licenses will be issued to veterans verified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to be 100% service-connected disabled and who has been a resident for one year or more. See more.

Arizona State Parks

Veterans Discount Program available. See more.

Tuition and Fees-Deferred Payment

If you are using Dependents Educational Assistance (Chapter 35), Montgomery GI-Bill Selected Reserve (Chapter 1606), or Montgomery GI-Bill (Chapter 30), you may qualify for a deferred payment of tuition and fees. See more.


Discounted Hunting & Fishing Licenses for Military Retirees

Military retirees can get a discounted lifetime hunting, fishing or combination license. See more.

Free Lifetime Hunting & Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans

Permanently and totally disabled Arkansas veterans can get discounted lifetime hunting, fishing or combination licenses. See more.

Arkansas State Parks

Half-price camping in most Arkansas State Parks for 100% permanently disabled veterans. See more.

Free Tuition for Dependents

Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE) has the authority to provide free tuition and fees at any state-supported college, university, technical school, or vocational school; to the wife and children of any Arkansan who has been declared to be Prisoner of War or placed in a missing-in-action status since January 1, 1960. The same provisions apply to the surviving spouse and children of any Arkansas resident killed in action since 1960. See more.

In-State Tuition

In addition to offering in-state tuition to recently discharged veterans and their dependents, the state of Arkansas offers in-state tuition to military members and their spouses. See more.


Big Bear Lake, Big Bear

Traveling on a budget? Book Motel 6 today at Motel6.com with military family discounts. See more.

Legoland, Carlsbad

A current, valid Military/Department of Defense ID or government-issued ID indicating veteran status must be presented upon check-in to qualify for these rates. See more.

Palisades Tahoe Ski Resort, Olympic Valley

Palisades Tahoe stands behind all of our men and women in the U.S. armed forces. We offer U.S. military members a Palisades Tahoe season pass as a thank you. Military Season Passes are available for Active Duty, Veteran & Reserve personnel, but NOT dependents. See more.

Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles

Universal Studios Hollywood offers phenomenal discount options to all active and retired U.S. military personnel all year long. To qualify, you must be Active Duty, Retired, 100% Disabled Veteran, Medal of Honor Recipient, Active Guard/Reserve, spouse/dependent ID cardholder of those categories (or DOD NAF/GS employee, “if applicable”). You must be able to have access to a military base in order to purchase tickets. See more.

USS Midway Museum, San Diego

All active duty and reservist personnel are welcome aboard for free with ID. A discounted $18 admission is available to retired military (with ID). See more.

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, San Diego

Free admission available to active duty and veteran military members. See more.

Fishing and Hunting Licenses

Any veteran with a 50% or greater service-connected disability may be eligible for reduced annual fees for fishing and hunting licenses -you DO NOT have to be a California resident for this benefit. See more.

State Parks and Recreation Pass

Honorably discharged war veterans who are residents of California with an overall/combined rating at 50% or greater service-connected disability, or were held as prisoners of war by forces hostile to the United States, or recipients of the Medal of Honor, are eligible to receive the Distinguished Veteran Pass (formerly Disabled War Veteran/Prisoner of War Pass). See more.


Grateful Bread Company, Golden

The Grateful Bread Company offers an ongoing 15% military discount every Saturday. See more.

State Veterans’ Home

Colorado’s five Veterans Community Living Centers are resident-centered long-term care and supportive living environments that serve honorably discharged veterans, their spouses/widows and Gold Star parents of children who died while serving in the armed forces. See more.

Colorado State Tax Advantage

There is a Property Tax Exemption for 50% of the first $200,000 of a home’s value for 100% service-connected disabled veterans. See more.

Income Tax On Active Duty Pay

For the tax year that began Jan. 1, 2016, and for subsequent tax years, an active duty service member who has reacquired residency in Colorado may claim the Reacquisition of Residency During Active Military Service Subtraction on the Subtraction from Income Schedule. See more.

Income Tax On Retired Military Pay

If a retired servicemember is under 55 years of age at the end of the tax year, they may claim the military retirement subtraction on line 5 or 6 of the Subtractions from Income Schedule (DR 0104AD) for military retirement benefits included in their federal taxable income, subject to the following limitations based on the tax year. See more.

Motor Vehicle Tax

No fee shall be charged to certain disabled Veterans or Ex-POWs who have established their right to benefits under public laws. Applies to subsequent vehicles, but only one at a time. See more.

Burial Allowance

You may be eligible for Veterans burial allowances if you’re paying for the burial and funeral costs and you won’t be reimbursed by any other organization, like another government agency or the Veteran’s employer. See more.

Hunting & Fishing License for Disabled Veterans

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is proud to offer a free Lifetime Fishing and Small Game Hunting Combination License (VA combo license) to veterans with a service-connected disability. A free lifetime VA fishing license is also available. See more.

Columbine Annual Pass

Colorado residents permanently and totally disabled veterans may apply for a Columbine Annual Pass. The fee is $14 per year, is transferable between vehicles and the disabled veteran must be present in the vehicle. See more.


Military Discounts, Eastern Connecticut

A list of many military discounts throughout Eastern Connecticut. See more.

Mill Stores Discount Furniture, Manchester

As a special thank you to our men and women in uniform, all Mill Stores customers who show their valid Military ID at the register are eligible for a 10% discount. See more.

Connecticut Veterans’ Home

The Department has a health care center in Rocky Hill with a capacity of 250 beds, a 50-bed substance abuse recovery program and a 500-bed Residential Program. The home is open to veteran residents of Connecticut with an other than dishonorable discharge. Professional services are provided by staff physicians, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, OT, PT, RT, dieticians and social workers are augmented by community specialists, as well as, networking to local VA and major area hospitals when appropriate. By Statute, veterans who are able to pay in whole or in part for programs or services determined by the applicable fee schedule will receive a monthly bill for such services rendered. See more.

The Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Marines’ Fund

The Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Marines’ Fund (SSMF) is a state fund administered by the American Legion for the purpose of providing temporary financial assistance for veterans with 90 days of wartime service, who are disabled, unemployed or ill. An applicant must be a resident of Connecticut at the time of application for benefits. SSMF provides funding for emergency needs such as clothing, food, medical and surgical aid, and general care and relief. For further information please call (860) 296-0719. See more.

State Income Tax Exemptions

This year, we cut taxes for veterans, giving a 100% Connecticut state income tax exemption for military retirement pay beginning in 2015. The exemption applies to Federal retirement pay for all retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces, Coast Guard, and CT Army and Air National Guard. See more.

Retirement Credit

Members of SERS are eligible to purchase retirement credit for active duty in the Armed Forces rendered during a period of wartime or national emergency followed by a release under honorable conditions for the time periods categorized by applicable law. See more.

State Parks

The Disabled Veteran Pass provides access to the State Parks and Forests and is available free to Connecticut residents who have a service-connected disability. See more.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Any active, full-time member of the military can purchase hunting, trapping and fishing licenses for the same fee as a Connecticut resident. See more.

State Veterans’ Cemetery

Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States, their spouses and dependent children (under 21 years of age and not married or having a verifiable life-long dependency on eligible Veteran) may be interred at the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemeteries. Eligibility requirements are prescribed by the National Cemetery Administration and the following criteria constitute eligibility. See more.

Property Tax Exemptions

Veterans, who have ninety days of wartime service, including Merchant Marines, who served during WWII, are eligible for a $1,500 exemption for property tax purposes (e.g., real property or automobiles). You have the option to choose to apply this exemption to your real estate or automobile tax. Certain veterans, who do not own real property or a motor vehicle, may be eligible for a tax refund if they are leasing a motor vehicle. Veterans below a certain income level and/or service-connected disabled veterans are eligible for additional property tax exemptions (up to $10,000 for paraplegics). See more.

State Employee Veteran Preference

For classified competitive state exams, a wartime veteran eligible for or receiving VA compensation receives an additional 10 points. A wartime veteran not eligible for VA compensation or pension receives five additional points. A spouse of a qualified veteran is also eligible for additional points. However, to qualify, the veteran or spouse must achieve a passing grade on the examination score. If an honorably discharged veteran has served in a military action for which he/she received or is entitled to receive, a campaign badge or expeditionary medal, he/she qualifies for five additional points if they receive a passing grade on their examination. On a competitive municipal examination, a wartime veteran eligible for VA compensation or a pension, who has received a passing score, receives ten additional points. A wartime veteran not eligible for compensation or a pension, who has received a passing score, receives five additional points. See more.


State Veterans Home

The Delaware Veterans Home, established in 2007, is a long-term care facility located on 24 acres in Milford, Delaware. The Home offers skilled nursing care on four units with a total of 150 beds. See more.

Pension Benefits for Paraplegic Veterans

Each paraplegic veteran eligible for benefits hereunder shall receive a pension from the State of $3,000 per year, payable in equal monthly installments at the end of each month in which such veteran is eligible. The veteran must file evidence with the Pension Office that: he/she is a paraplegic and fully disabled to the extent that he/she has no voluntary control over either of his/her legs, and he/she is listed on the rolls of the U.S. Veterans Administration as totally disabled for the cause, and the disability is a direct result of service in the armed forces of the United States while the United States was officially at war or during a period when the United States was engaged in hostilities with another nation as a member of the United Nations. Persons under age 60 receiving pensions from employers, the United States, the State or any subdivision thereof, may deduct up to $2,000 off of their federal adjusted gross income. Amounts received as pension by persons age 60 or older from employers, the United States, the State or any subdivision thereof may deduct up to $12,500 off of their federal adjusted gross income. See more.

Veterans Trust Fund

The Delaware Veterans Trust Fund provides assistance to Delaware’s veterans in financial crisis. Established in 2013, it has brought relief to veterans in need of help with reintegration, housing, utilities and incidental expenses for health and welfare. See more.

State Employment Veterans Preference

Veterans preference shall be provided to earned ratings with 10 points granted to disabled veterans and five points granted to all other eligible veterans. Any preference points for which a veteran would qualify may be claimed by his or her unmarried widow, widower, spouse of a member of the armed forces who is POW or MIA, or spouse of a veteran who is totally disabled. See more.

Tax Credit for Employers Hiring Veterans

Employers are eligible during the year a qualified veteran is hired and for two taxable years thereafter a tax credit of 10% of a qualified veteran’s wages, up to a maximum of $1,500. Employers may take the credit the year a veteran is hired and the two subsequent tax years. A qualified veteran is anyone who has served in a hostile environment such as Iraq and Afghanistan. See more.

License and Permits for Military Spouses

Professional Regulations will issue a six-month temporary occupational license, when required, to a military spouse relocating in Delaware. The temporary license will allow for the spouse to obtain employment in their discipline, pending application for endorsement or reciprocity. See more.

Educational Benefits For Children Of Deceased Veterans, Etc.

In order to qualify for this entitlement, an applicant shall be: the child of a member of the armed forces who was killed while on active duty or who died from disease, wounds, injuries or disabilities arising or resulting from the performance of duty; a member of the armed forces who is being held, or who was held prisoner of war; or a member of the armed forces officially declared missing in action; a person who at the time of application for benefits is at least 16 years of age, but not more than 24 years of age, and a resident of the State for at least three years prior to the date of application; attending or admitted for attendance at an educational institution beyond the high school level in a program not to exceed four years in duration. Benefits are administered by the Delaware Postsecondary Education Commission. See more.

State Park Admission

Active duty military, honorably discharged veterans, and military retirees are eligible for either the Delaware Military Pass, the Out-of-State Military Vehicle Pass, or the Veterans of Southwest Asia Military Pass. Family members are not eligible. See more.

Hunting, Trapping and Fishing License for Active Duty Military

Active duty members stationed in Delaware pay the resident rate for a license. See more.

Delaware State Veterans Cemetery

Veterans, their spouses, and dependent children are eligible for interment at either of two State Veterans Cemeteries. The cemeteries are located in Bear, and Millsboro Delaware. See more.

Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington

Active duty military personnel and their families can receive free admission through Blue Star Museums. A valid military ID is required for free admission for up to five family members. This offer is only valid Memorial Day through Labor Day. See more.


Busch Gardens Tampa Theme Park, Tampa Bay

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is proud to support Active Military Members with special pricing and promotions. Any active duty, activated or drilling reservist, or National Guardsman and as many as three dependents, are entitled to free one-time admission at SeaWorld’s Busch Gardens Theme Park. Military personnel must register to receive tickets. Limit one complimentary admission per year, per person to one park. See more.


Orlando welcomes all active-duty and retired military personnel and their families to visit, reconnect, smile and save with special offers from our theme parks, attractions, hotels & resorts, restaurants, and more! Browse through the listings of military deals below to find the latest savings designed to thank you for your service. See more.

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Orlando

Military Tickets & Discount offers. See more.

Shades of Green at Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista

Through the Shades of Green “Salute to Our Veterans” program, all military veterans who have received an honorable discharge have an opportunity to vacation at Shades of Green during January and September. Reservations are subject to availability. See more.

Straz Center for the Performing Arts, Tampa

Members of the military and first responders with valid ID qualify for special-priced tickets to selected Center-presented shows indicated below. Two tickets per ID. Discounts are not applicable to prior sales and cannot be combined with any other offer. Subject to availability. Offer can be discontinued at any time. Handling fees apply. Discounts are redeemable in person only. Discounts cannot be redeemed online or over the phone. See more.

Walt Disney World, Orlando

U.S. military members enjoy specially priced theme park tickets. See more.

Florida State Veterans’ Homes Program

The State Veterans’ Homes Program provides comprehensive, high-quality, and cost-effective health care services to eligible Florida veterans who are in need of long-term nursing home care or assisted living. See more.

Basic Property Tax Exemptions

Eligible resident Veterans with VA certified service-connected disability of 10% or greater shall be entitled to a $5,000 property tax exemption. The Veteran must establish the exemption with the county tax official by providing documentation of their disability. The un-remarried surviving spouse, who on the disabled ex-service member’s death had been married to the ex-service member for at least 5 years is also entitled to this exemption. See more.

Veterans’ Preference in Employment and Retention

The state and all political subdivisions of the state shall give preference in employment, promotions after being deployed and retention. See more.

Tuition Waiver

Florida waives out-of-state tuition fees for all honorably discharged veterans who reside in the state and who are enrolled in Florida public, post-secondary institutions, through the “Congressman C.W. Bill Young Tuition Waiver Program.” The out-of-state tuition and fee waiver is extended to spouses and dependent children who reside in Florida and who are using GI Bill benefits for enrollment in Florida public, postsecondary institutions (see FS 1009.26(13)). See more.


Atlanta Zoo, Atlanta

All active-duty, reserves, veterans, and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces will receive free admission to Zoo Atlanta; valid military ID required at Zoo Admissions. Regular admission rates will apply to family members and other guests, and tickets must be purchased in advance online. See more.

Fernbank Museum of National History, Atlanta

Active and retired military personnel, as well as their spouses and dependents, are eligible to receive $2 off the lowest published rate per category (senior, adult, child) for general admission tickets (includes all permanent and special exhibits, WildWoods and Fernbank Forest). Must present a valid military ID at Fernbank’s Box Office. Because the discount must be applied at the register, no advanced reservation is necessary. See more.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta

up to 4 additional guests in attendance with the military member will receive 50% off admission. Please note that adults must be accompanied by at least one child (aged 17 and under) to visit, and children ages 2 and under are free. See more.

Oglethorpe Mall, Savannah

Many stores offer discounts to members of the Armed Forces and their families with valid Military ID. See more.

Six Flags Over Georgia, Atlanta

Most military bases offer discounted admission tickets at their MWR/ITR offices. There is no military discount at the park ticket offices. See more.

Six Flags White Water, Marietta

Most military bases offer discounted admission tickets at their MWR/ITR offices. There is also a military discount available at the park ticketing booths at the front of the park. See more.

World of Coca Cola, Atlanta

All Active duty, Reserves and Retired members of the Armed Forces will receive complimentary admission valid Armed Forces ID card at the ticketing window. See more.

War Veterans Homes

A nominal daily fee is charged. Eligible veterans may apply for the federal Aid & Attendance benefit to help offset this fee. For veterans with a service-connected disability rating of 70 percent or higher or whose admission is due to a service-connected condition, the daily fee is paid in full by VA. Treatment is provided at no charge to all honorably discharged war Veterans in the Georgia War Veterans Home, Milledgeville, and in the Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home in Augusta. The term “war Veteran” for this benefit means any Veteran who served on active duty in the armed forces of the United States, or on active duty in a reserve component, including the National Guard, during wartime or during the period January 31, 1955, through May 7, 1975, or August 2, 1990 to present. To determine eligibility for admission, see your local SDVS office. See more.

Exemption from Sales Tax on Vehicles

A disabled veteran who receives a VA grant for the purchase and special adapting of a vehicle is exempt from paying the state sales tax on the vehicle (only on the original grant). See more.

Exemption from State Income Tax

This exemption is available to honorably discharged Georgia veterans who are considered disabled according to any of several criteria. See more.

Business Licenses

Disabled veterans are exempt from payment of occupational taxes, administration fees, and regulatory fees imposed by local governments for peddling, conducting business, or practicing a profession or semi-profession. Veterans must (1) be discharged under honorable conditions from the armed forces of the United States; (2) have 10 percent physical disability for certain wartime veterans or a 25 percent service-connected physical disability for peace time-only veterans; and (3) have an income that is not liable for state income taxes. See more.

Georgia HERO Scholarship

Georgia HERO Scholarship program provides educational scholarship assistance to members of the Georgia National Guard and U.S. Military Reservists who served in combat zones, and the children and the spouses of such members of the Georgia National Guard and U.S. Military Reserves. See more.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses for Returning Veterans

A One Time Veterans License is available free to Georgia resident military veterans who served on active Federal duty for 90 or more days and were honorably discharged on July 1, 2005, or later. This free license is valid for one year from date of issue, is available to Georgia residents, and may be issued only once. See more.


Aloha Plastic Surgery, Honolulu, HI

Not only do we have standard discounts which we apply for all or our military service members, but these same discounts also apply to military dependents (with an ID). The standard military discount is 5% which can be a significant help for some procedures. Discounts for multiple procedures are available, such as breast augmentation with liposuction as well and these may be applied. See more.

Castle Resorts, Hawaii, Kauai Maui Molokai Oahu

Castle Resorts offers a number of hotels and condos near Hawaii’s military bases on Oahu and Kauai. Military rates are provided to active duty personnel and reservists from all branches, all countries, DoD employees, military associations, retirees, veterans and dependents. See more.

Maui’d Forever Wedding Packages

Discounted wedding packages in Kauai, Maui, Oahu and the Big Island to active duty military. See more.

Pacific Beach Hotel Waikiki, Honolulu

U.S. Military TLA Rate. See more.

Pagoda Hotel, Honolulu

Military Discounts available. See more.

Hawaii State Veterans Home

The home has been accepting applications from veterans across the state. The following criteria for admission to the veterans’ home are: Applicant must be a veteran in good standing and meet general eligibility for VA benefits. Applicant should be either a resident of the State of Hawaii prior to his/her induction into the military, and/or a resident of the State of Hawaii for more than one year prior to consideration of his/her application. See more.

Special Housing for Disabled Veterans

The office shall assist with specially designed homes for disabled veterans under which the office shall provide a grant not to exceed $5,000 to remodel or purchase a home for a disabled veteran in accordance with section 303-4, HRS. See more.

Property Tax Exemptions

If you are a totally disabled veteran due to injuries received while on active duty with the U.S. Armed Forces, your principal home is exempt from property taxes, other than special assessments and the annual minimum tax. However, if any portion of the home is used for commercial purposes, that portion of the building and land shall not be entitled to the exemption. See more.

State Employment

To receive 5 Veterans Preference Points, an applicant must submit a copy of the DD214 (Member 4) verifying dates of honorable service. To receive 10 Veterans Preference Points, submit a copy of an official statement/letter from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs or armed service dated within the past 12 months which confirms your qualification to receive 10 points preference. See more.

Hunting Licenses

Active-duty military members who are stationed in Hawaii may purchase a resident hunting license. See more.

State Veterans Cemeteries

The Department of Veterans Affairs will pay the plot/interment allowance fee for wartime and peacetime veterans. The plot allowance fee does not apply to the MEMORIAL WALL where the ashes are scattered, there is no charge for the placement of a Memorial Marker. Fees are subject to change without notification. See more.


Active Duty Pay

Idaho follows the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and Internal Revenue Code section 7508 for Idaho individual income taxes. Below are some of the ways the federal and state laws affect you if you’re an Idaho military member called to active duty in a combat zone. See more.

Financial Assistance

Provides up to a $1,000 grant, in cases of extreme emergency, to wartime Veterans in need of assistance. Must have entered the military from Idaho, or lived within the state for at least 5 years. The event or emergency must have occurred within 90 days of the request. See more.

Idaho State Parks Veterans Pass

The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation offers Idaho Veterans, with a service-connected disability, rated at 100% permanent and total, a lifetime pass. See more.

Hunting & Fishing Licenses

RESIDENTS ONLY – Letter from Veterans Affairs office showing a percentage of disability, letter or statement from Veterans Affairs office showing individual is nonservice-connected pension or a service-connected benefit with at least 40% disability. See more.

Idaho State Veterans Cemetery

The Stars & Stripes flies in silent vigil 24 hours a day on a magnificent hilltop overlooking the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery. Set against a backdrop of native grasses, green hills and the rugged Boise Foothills, the 76.5 acre cemetery offers a peaceful place of solitude and beauty for friends and family members of those laid to rest here. See more.

Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area, Boise, ID

In appreciation of service, Bogus Basin offers a ticket discount to all service people. Military passes must be purchased in person at the Mountain Ticket office located on the Idaho Central Credit Union Base Area Plaza, no online reservation required. Proof of Military Status will be required at the time of purchase. See more.


AC Hotel Chicago Downtown, Chicago, IL

Active and retired military are offered 30 percent off the best available rates. Veterans can book the discounted rate online using promo code “C28” or by calling 844.672.9070, and reserving a stay under the “First Responders Rate.” Please show a valid ID upon check-in. See more.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago, Schaumburg

Simply show your valid military ID to receive $5 OFF the standard, walk-up admission price. This offer is valid for you and 5 other guests. See more.

Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

Active-duty U.S. military personnel receive free general admission with proper ID. 4-D Experience tickets can be added on-site (subject to availability). However, note that dependents and family are not included in this offer. See more.

Six Flags Great America, Chicago

Most military bases offer discounted admission tickets at their MWR/ITR offices. There is a 20% military discount off the one-day General Admission ticket at the Guest Services Center. A military ID is required to receive the discount. See more.

Specially Adapted Housing Tax Exemption

This exemption is allowed on the assessed value of real property for which federal funds have been used for the purchase or construction of specially adapted housing; the exemption is valid for as long as the veteran, the spouse, or the unmarried surviving spouse resides on the property. Federal and state financial assistance is provided for service-connected disabled veterans for the purpose of acquiring or remodeling suitable dwelling units with special fixtures or moveable facilities made necessary by the veteran’s permanent and total service-connected disabilities as determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. For further information, please contact your local Veteran Service Officer. See more.

Returning Veterans’ Homestead Exemption

The Returning Veterans’ Homestead Exemption provides qualifying veterans a one-time $5,000 reduction to their homes’ equalized assessed value (EAV). Qualifying veterans who return from active duty in an armed conflict involving the U.S. armed forces can file an application upon their return home to receive this exemption. To apply for this exemption, please contact or visit your local County Assessor’s Office. See more.

Tax Exemption for Mobile Home

The Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) program offers grants to service members and Veterans with certain severe service-connected disabilities. The grants assist with building, remodeling or purchasing an adapted home. See more.

World War II Bonus Payment

A bonus of $10 per month for domestic service and $15 per month for foreign service is payable to a veteran who was a resident of Illinois at time of entering service, served at least 60 days on active duty between September 16, 1940 and September 3, 1945, and received an honorable discharge. Survivors are entitled to a benefit of $1,000, if the veteran’s death was service-connected and as a result of hostile action with enemy forces. See more.

State Government/Employment Preference

Obtaining a passing grade for a job title is the first step to state employment. Your military service may receive credit towards a qualifying grade for a state job title. In completing the CMS Employment Application, be sure to provide complete and descriptive information as to the positions you held during your military service. List each change in rank separately, the dates served in each rank, average hours per week spent on duty, specific duties performed, etc. See more.

Jobs for Vets

Under State law, qualified veterans seeking employment with the State are entitled to points added to a passing grade and receive absolute appointment preference within a given grade. Illinois National Guard/Reserves non-activated only receive points added to a passing grade. All veterans will be required to submit a certified copy of their DD214/DD215 as proof of service at the time of application. See more.

Income Tax

Illinois Filing Requirements for Military Personnel provides detailed information about Illinois Individual Income Tax filing requirements for military personnel. See more.

Camping & Admission Fees

This benefit provides for the exemption of camping and admission fees for certain disabled persons and former prisoners of war who are Illinois residents and wish to camp in parks under the control of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Documentation is required. See more.

Vietnam Veteran Survivors Compensation

Compensation of $1,000 is available to survivors of Vietnam veterans whose death was classified as service-connected by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The veteran must have been a resident of Illinois for 12 months immediately before entering service, received the Vietnam Service Medal or Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for Vietnam, and received an Honorable Discharge for service. See more.


The Veterans Home

The Indiana Veterans Home in West Lafayette provides nursing and domiciliary care for any honorably discharged Hoosier Veteran who has resided in Indiana for at least 12 months prior to admission. The Home is open to both veterans and their spouses. See more.

Income Tax

You have special filing considerations if Indiana is your military home of record. Read the following to see which set of circumstances fits you. See more.

Military Family Relief Fund

The Military Family Relief Fund is designed to assist Indiana veterans and their legal dependents that are experiencing financial hardship. This emergency grant may be used for needs such as housing, utilities, food, medical services, basic transportation (car payments, insurance, and basic emergency car repair) which have become difficult to afford. See more.

Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF)

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is a program that provides cash assistance and supportive services to assist families with children under age 18, helping them achieve economic self-sufficiency. See more.

State Employment

US DOL Veterans.gov serves America’s Veterans and separating service members by preparing them for meaningful careers, providing employment resources and expertise, and protecting their employment rights. See more.

Disabled Veteran Plates

Eligibility for the Disabled Hoosier Veteran license plate is determined by the severity of a service-connected disability and the impact of that disability on mobility. As the Disabled Veteran license plate authorizes handicapped parking privileges, the veteran must have a service-connected disability that limits walking. See more.

Burial Allowances

Eligible veterans can receive military funeral honors free of charge. Their eligibility will be determined by their DD-214 or discharge papers. See more.

Hunting And Fishing Licenses For Disabled Veterans

Indiana residents who have served in the armed forces and have a documented service-connected disability eligible for a DAV license. See more.

Paoli Peaks, Paoli

Yes, we offer Military Discount lift tickets for active and retired military members. Military tickets can be purchased at the window or by calling (844)-431-4888. Please have your military ID ready to verify your purchase. Military tickets require in-person verification to pick up your lift ticket in resort. See more.


Iowa Veterans Home

The Iowa Veterans Home was founded in 1887. We are located in Marshalltown’s northwest corner. Originally the Iowa Soldiers Home, the facility serves approximately 500 Iowa Veterans. We are fifth in the nation for size of State Veterans Homes. See more.

Home Ownership Assistance

The program provides a $5,000 grant to service members and veterans for down payments and closing costs on qualifying homes. The funds may be used in conjunction with the FirstHome and Homes for Iowans programs. This program is limited to funding availability. See more.

Disabled Veteran’s Homestead Tax Credit

This legislation enacted in 2014 provides 100% exemption of property taxes for 100% disabled service-connected Veterans and Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) recipients. See more.

Injured Veterans Grant Program

The legislative intent of this program is to provide immediate financial assistance to a veteran so that family members of the veteran may be with the veteran during the veteran’s recovery from an injury received in the line of duty in an area where the veteran was receiving hazardous duty pay after September 11, 2001. See more.

Veterans Trust Fund

These rules establish the requirements for veterans, spouses or dependents to receive benefits from the veteran trust fund. See more.

War Orphans Educational Aid

The amount of War Orphans Educational Aid allowed to eligible War Orphans is based upon an annual appropriation made by the Iowa Legislature. Payment is limited to $600.00 per calendar year for each War Orphan with a lifetime maximum benefit of $3,000.00. See more.

National Guard Tuition Benefits

​Federal Tuition Assistance can be used by any of the following Soldiers as long as the Soldier meets the criteria as established by the U.S. Army. See more.

Veteran Lifetime Hunting/Fishing License

A lifetime hunting and fishing license for veterans who have a service-connected disability or were POW’s. See more.

The State of Iowa Veterans Cemetery

The Iowa Veterans Cemetery (IVC) is the first federally funded construction of a state-owned and operated veterans cemetery in the State of Iowa. The cemetery serves the veteran population throughout the state and around the country, as there is no state residency requirement to be interred in the cemetery. See more.

Operation Recognition High School Diploma

This program furnishes an honorary high school diploma to qualifying veterans who did not complete high school (in Iowa) due to armed service enlistment. The application form is used by the IDVA and the Department of Education to establish eligibility for honorably discharged veterans. See more.

Adventureland Amusement Park, Altoona

Military members are eligible to receive up to 6 tickets for themselves and their friends/family. Single-day tickets are $40 per ticket, and Season Passes are discounted $10 off the current gate price. The discount is available at the front gate only by showing an Active or Retired Military ID, Dependent ID card, or DD214 discharge papers (paired with a government-issued photo ID). Thank you for your service! See more.

Grand Times Catering, Boxholm

Military discount to all military personnel. Contact for details. See more.


Great Wolf Lodge & Indoor Water Park, Kansas City

Great Wolf Lodge, with suites and an indoor water park, offers up to 20% off for Armed Forces personnel. Book online using the offer code HEROES. A valid ID or badge is required at check-in. Police, Fire and EMS workers can also take advantage of this discount. See more.

Veterans’ Homes

The State of Kansas runs two Veterans’ Homes: The Kansas Veterans’ Home in Winfield, which has 73 long-term care beds, a 43-bed domiciliary unit, and an 18-bed special care unit for Alzheimer’s and related dementia; there is also the Kansas Soldiers’ Home in Fort Dodge, which has three domiciliary residence halls and 60 cottages.

Veterans seeking admission must have active federal service. Active service means full-time service as a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard. The discharge from the period of active federal service on which the application is based must have been under conditions other than dishonorable. On a space-available basis, spouses and surviving spouses may qualify for admission.

Homestead Act

Starting in 2009 disabled veterans can claim a homestead refund. Veterans must be Kansas residents, honorably discharged, and certified to have 50 percent or more permanent disability sustained through military actions. Surviving spouses of deceased disabled veterans are also eligible to claim a Homestead refund and remain eligible until such time as they remarry. An original Veterans Disability Determination Letter or Letter from a Regional V.A. that includes the disability date verifying the disability occurred prior to Jan. 1, 2009 and percentage of permanent disability must be filed with the Homestead Refund Claim (K-40H)

State Income Tax

Amounts received as retirement benefits in whatever form which were earned for being employed by the federal government or for service in the armed forces of the United States are a subtraction modification from federal adjusted gross income.

State Jobs

The State of Kansas places great importance on providing veterans access to information about available services and assistance related to employment in state government. Please take the time to browse through the various links that include information on employment opportunities and assistance, veteran services, and upcoming events related to veterans.

Free Hunting & Fishing Licenses for National Guard Members and Disabled Veterans Hunting/Fishing Licenses and State Park Permits

State funding has been made available to provide free Hunting and Fishing licenses to resident Disabled Veterans with at least 30% disability.

Hunting Licenses for Active Duty Members

Free hunting, fishing, and Park Vehicle Permits are made available and issued based on funding to active members of the Kansas National Guard.

Discounted State Park Admission for National Guard Members and Disabled Veterans

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) offers active members of the Kansas Army and Air National Guard who are Kansas residents the opportunity to receive free Kansas hunting and fishing licenses, as well as free state park permits.

Kansas State Veterans Cemeteries

Military service requirement for burial in a Kansas State Veterans’ Cemetery must be in accordance with the eligibility standards as set by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – National Cemetery Administration and, as a minimum, must meet one of the following: Veteran was discharged from “active duty” under other than dishonorable conditions, or Veteran died while on “active duty”, or National Guard or Reservists members with 20 years of qualifying service, who are entitled to retired pay or would be entitled, if at least 60 years of age.

Education Discounts

The Kansas National Guard Educational Assistance provides up to 100% of tuition and fees that leads to the award of a certificate, diploma or degree upon satisfactory completion of course work requirements for members of a Kansas Air/Army National Guard unit. Full-time enrollment not required. This program is administrated by the Kansas Board of Regents.

State Parks

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) offers active members of the Kansas Army and Air National Guard who are Kansas residents the opportunity to receive free Kansas hunting and fishing licenses, as well as free state park permits.

Property Tax Exemptions

Disabled veterans can claim a homestead refund. Veterans must be Kansas residents, honorably discharged, and certified to have 50 percent or more permanent disability sustained through military actions. Surviving spouses of deceased disabled veterans are also eligible to claim a Homestead refund and remain eligible until such time as they remarry. An original Veterans Disability Determination Letter or Letter from a Regional V.A. that includes the disability date verifying the disability occurred prior to January 1, 2020 and percentage of permanent disability must be filed with the Homestead Refund Claim.


Income Tax Exemptions

Beginning with tax year 2010, Kentucky does not tax active duty military pay. Members of the Armed Forces of the United States, members of reserve components of the Armed Forces of the United States, and members of the National Guard may subtract the amount of pay received from active duty military service, training, and pay received for active service in a combat zone to the extent the income was included in federal Adjusted Gross Income

Commonwealth Employment Preference Points

In accordance with Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) 18A.150, Veterans’ Preference provides veterans, and in some instances their family members, opportunities to receive interviews in the selection process for merit employment within state government agencies. Veterans must have been granted an Honorable or General Discharge to receive this status. As with all job seekers, veterans must meet minimum requirements for a job before an interview can be offered.

Tuition Waiver Program

waiver of tuition is an education benefit provided by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in recognition of military service of Kentucky veterans. The tuition waiver is provided for children, stepchildren, adopted children, spouses, and un-remarried widows & widowers. An approved tuition waiver means a student may attend any two-year, four-year schools or vocational-technical schools that are operated and funded by the Kentucky Department of Education.

Hunting, Trapping or Fishing Licenses

Kentucky resident Veterans at least 50% disabled as the result of a service-connected disability can receive hunting, trapping or fishing licenses.

Kentucky veterans may qualify for special licenses based on their service or affiliation.

Burial Honors

KDVA helps implement and assist Veterans Service Organizations with Burial Honors Programs. Any Veterans Service Organization seeking a stipend for providing honors should contact our Burial Honors Program Coordinator, (888) 724-7683. Certification of Veterans Service Organizations performing Burial Honors by the National Guard, Ft. Knox or Ft. Campbell has been suspended as a result of operational requirements brought about by current world events.

Commonwealth Veterans Cemeteries

Kentucky’s State Veterans Cemeteries 16,000th Interment at Kentucky’s State Veterans Cemeteries.

Kentucky Speedway, Sparta

The Kentucky Speedway offers special discounts for military service members and their families. Tours are available year-round by reservation for $7.00 per person, $6.00 for seniors, $6.00 for Military and children age 6 and younger are admitted free.


Margaritaville Resort Casino, Bossier City

Active-duty military, veterans and first responders are eligible for exclusive myheroes benefits, including a tier upgrade to Advantage, up to 30% off hotel rates, dining & shopping discounts and more!

Towne South Animal Hospital, Shreveport

Towne South Animal Hospital is proud to support the military by offering them a 10% discount. Please show valid ID to receive this offer. See more.

Louisiana War Veterans Homes

Veterans, their spouses and Gold Star parents are eligible for admission into the Veterans Homes if they are deemed to meet basic qualifying criteria. Please view this list of Admission Requirements or call toll free 1-877-GEAUX-VA

Property Tax Exemptions

Qualifying Veterans can receive additional tax benefits on their homestead exemption. Additional special property tax exemptions are also assessed for some disabled veterans or active-duty service members killed in action.

Income Tax

Military retirement benefits are exempt from Louisiana state taxation.

Military Family Assistance Fund (MFA)

The Military Family Assistance Fund (MFA) can provide financial support to Louisiana Veterans and their families when they experience financial hardships. Certain criteria applies. In order to receive funds through MFA, a completed application must be submitted to LDVA including all required supporting documentation. MFA can pay up to $10,000.00 for one claim per active-duty order in a 12-month period.

Transfer of Military Skills to Civilian Employment

Louisiana recognizes that the skills learned during military training can often apply to the civilian workforce. As such, Act 276 of the 2012 Regular Legislative Session states that individuals with military training and experience will be granted civilian professional licensure and/or certification when the Servicemember has been awarded a military occupational specialty and performance in that specialty that is at a level equal to or exceeding the requirements for said license and/or certification. Provisions apply.

State Employment

Constitution of the State of Louisiana provides for the addition of five or ten points to the final passing scores on Civil Service examinations for eligible military personnel. A DD214, the documentation of eligibility for this preference is required to verify eligibility. The eligible applicant must first pass any written examination before the points are added to his or her score.

Veterans’ preference points, when claimed, will appear on the applicant’s grade notice. These additional points are added only in new hiring situations — “probational” or “job” appointments. Veterans with permanent status in the State classified system do not receive this preference in promotional situations.

National Guard Tuition Benefits

Members are exempt from tuition at any state-funded college, university, or vocational/technical school for five years or a bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first. The Adjutant General of Louisiana is responsible for the overall policies, guidance, administration, and proper utilization of this program. Must be a drilling member of the Louisiana National Guard, must pay all fees applied to bill.

Free Hunting/Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans

Certain disabled Louisiana residents may obtain recreational fishing and hunting licenses free of charge or at reduced rates. Disability license applicants must present a copy of their valid Louisiana driver’s license or identification card issued by the Office of Motor Vehicles and appropriate proof of disability along with their license application.

Active Duty Military Hunting & Fishing Licenses

If you are on active duty with any of the U.S. Armed Forces, including the National Guard, or are the spouse or dependent of an active-duty member, you may purchase a license for hunting or recreational fishing in Louisiana for the same fee paid by Louisiana residents. Active duty military licenses are available at many LDWF offices (Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Lake Charles, Monroe, and Opelousas) and local retailers.

You must present a valid active duty military ID card when you purchase your license AND have your military ID or dependent card and appropriate license(s) in your possession at all times while hunting or fishing. Active-duty military licenses are valid only while you are on active duty. In addition, active-duty members and/or their spouse and dependents may receive a credit toward individual income tax liability for obtaining a Louisiana hunting or recreational fishing license

Free Entrance to State Parks

Free admission to all sites is provided for Disabled Veterans, and those accompanying them in a single private vehicle, with State Park Permit.

Discounts on Driver’s License or ID Fees

Veterans can now be recognized through a special VETERAN designation on their official Louisiana drivers’ licenses and IDs. Veterans may also qualify for special discounts or waivers on fees for drivers’ licenses or IDs. Proof of Veteran status is required.


Mill Stores Discount Furniture, Scarborough

10% discount with a valid Military ID at the register. See more.

Maine Veterans’ Homes

Main has six veterans’ homes located in Augusta, Bangor, Caribou, Machias, Scarborough, and South Paris. Honorably discharged veterans who served at least one (1) day of active duty other than for training (both wartime & peacetime); spouses, widows, and widowers of qualified veterans; and gold star parents (a parent whose son or daughter died from wounds received in combat) can come to a Maine Veterans’ Home.

Income Tax

Military retirement is tax-free.

Veterans Small Business Loan Program

The Finance Authority of Maine may provide special loan insurance to veterans and wartime veterans for veteran-owned small businesses. The Authority does not make small business loans.

Property Tax Exemptions

A Veteran who served during a recognized war period and is 62 years or older; or, is receiving 100% disability as a Veteran; or became 100% disabled while serving is eligible for a $6,000 property tax exemption. Un-remarried surviving spouses are also eligible.

Maine Military Family Relief Fund

The Maine Military Family Relief Fund provides emergency assistance to qualified military members and dependents.

Hunting & Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans

A disabled veteran who has a service-connected disability evaluated at 50% or more may obtain a complimentary license to fish, trap, hunt, including archery, muzzle load, bear, migratory bird, pheasant, spring/fall wild turkey, coyote night hunt, crossbow, one expanded archery antlerless deer permit, and upon meeting the qualifications, a license to guide. This license is available to disabled veterans who are residents of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. This license(s) remains valid for the life of the license holder, as long as the license holder continues to satisfy the residency requirements.

State Park Fees

Maine Resident Veterans may get a lifetime park pass from the Bureau of Veteran Services.

Active Duty Military Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Maine military personnel who are on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces and permanently stationed outside Maine may purchase either a hunting, fishing, or combination hunting and fishing license for a discount.

Hunting & Fishing Licenses for Non-Resident Active Duty Members

Residents who are on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces and permanently stationed outside of Maine may purchase either hunting, fishing, trapping or combination hunting and fishing license for the Maine Resident Serviceman combination price upon verification that Maine is their home of record and that they are permanently stationed outside of Maine. Their spouse and any dependent children residing with them are also entitled to discounted rates

Maine Veterans Memorial Cemetery

The Maine Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery System consists of four cemeteries. One of which is located in Caribou, two in Augusta and one in Springvale. The State will, without charge, open and close the grave and furnish perpetual care. Military rank or civilian stature will not be given consideration in selection or size of individual graves. Consequently, all graves will be equal in size and type. Selection of the lot will be made by the Maine Veterans Memorial Cemetery System office in the order that burial requests occur. Eligible dependents will be buried adjacent to the plot of the buried veteran.


Charlotte Hall Veterans Home

Maryland’s veteran’s home is located on 125 acres on the site of the former Charlotte Hall Military Academy in Charlotte Hall, Maryland. Opened in 1985, the 504-bed facility provides a continuum of care from the 168-bed assisted living program to the 286-bed skilled nursing program. Specialized care, for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other related dementia, is provided in a 42-bed secured unit.

Property Tax Exemptions

Armed Services veterans with a permanent and total service-connected disability rated 100% by the Veterans Administration may receive a complete exemption from real property taxes on the dwelling house and surrounding yard. These veterans also may apply at any time and do not have to meet the September 1 filing deadline. Certain un-remarried surviving spouses may also be eligible for this exemption. Surviving spouses of military personnel killed in the line of duty may apply for an exemption.

Active Duty Pay Income Tax Exemption

Military personnel who are legal residents of Maryland with overseas pay the same as above; they may subtract up to $15,000 in military pay earned outside U.S. boundaries or possessions, if your total military pay exceeds $30,000 you do not qualify for this subtraction.

Military Retired Pay Income Tax Exemption

If you receive or the spouse of a military retiree receives military retirement income, you will be able to subtract up to $5,000, with an increase to the first $15,000 for individuals who are at least 55 years old on the last day of the taxable year, of your military retirement income from your federal adjusted gross income before determining your Maryland tax. The retirement income must have been received as a result of any of the following military service:

Vessel Excise Tax

A member of the armed services serving on active duty in the state is exempt for one year. The exemption applies only to vessels currently registered elsewhere and brought into Maryland because of the duty transfer. New purchases are not exempt.

Motor Vehicle Excise Tax

As a new resident of Maryland, you must title your vehicle within 60 days of moving to Maryland. Proof of military status (i.e. military ID or equivalent) must be submitted to be eligible for an excise tax credit. If the owner is a member of the military on active duty or a member of their immediate family and has not been a Maryland resident for more than one year, an excise tax credit is allowed with proof of active military status. If the owner is a Maryland resident on active duty or a member of their immediate family returning to this state, an excise tax credit is allowed if the vehicle is titled within one year of their return, with proof of active military status.

Six Flags America, Bowie/Mitchellville

Six Flags America offers military appreciation days where military members receive free admission. Days vary by park and season. Tickets are available at discounted prices, varies by location, on military bases and installations through the MWR or ITT recreation offices. Quantities are unlimited with a valid military or DoD ID. Discounted tickets are NOT available at the parks. See more.

Free Hunting Licenses for Disabled Veteran

A complimentary lifetime hunting license is available to Maryland residents certified as a former prisoner of war or a 100% service-connected disabled American veteran (Veterans Administration documentation required). The lifetime license is available only at DNR Licensing and Registration Service Centers and includes the bow stamp, muzzleloader stamp, and furbearer permit

The Winery Kent Island, Chester

Wednesdays are military discount day at The Winery. Military customers can receive 10% off their total purchase. Please show valid military ID. See more.

Free Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans

Any member of the Maryland National Guard and all active-duty military personnel who display their active duty military identification card to the gate attendant at any Maryland State Park day-use area will have their day-use entrance service charge waived. The waiver is valid for the military identification cardholder only. No other facility service charges will be waived.​​​​​​​​​​

Admission to State Parks

All entrance charges to MD state parks are waived for all veterans, both resident and nonresident. The waiver is applicable to the veteran only and not others in the same vehicle unless a per-vehicle charge is in effect at the time. In that case, the per-vehicle fee is waived. No other facility use service charges will be waived.

Westfield Annapolis Mall, Annapolis, MD

Annapolis Mall stores offering special savings to veterans and active military personnel. A valid military ID must be presented at time of purchase. See more.


Mill Stores Discount Furniture

As a special thank you to our men and women in uniform, all Mill Stores customers who show their valid Military ID at the register are eligible for a 10% discount. Valid in Canton, Dennis, Port Malden, New Bedford, Plymouth, Raynham, Westborough, Yarmouth.

Six Flags New England, Springfield

Most military bases offer discounted admission tickets at their MWR/ITR offices.

Western Massachusetts Military Discounts

List of military and veterans discounts for brick and mortar businesses in local cities and counties. Discounts vary by business but can include active duty, veterans, retirees, reservists and dependents for all branches of the military; Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Space Force, Guard and Reserves forces.

Soldiers’ Homes

Established in 1952, the Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke is a multifaceted health care facility available to eligible veterans of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

DVS-Supported Permanent Housing

The state of Massachusetts maintains permanent housing units for veterans in Bedford, Boston, Gardner (2 locations), New Bedford, and, Worcester. These locations offer affordable rental housing for honorably disabled veterans in private rooms.

Income Tax Exemptions

When determining whether you’re a Massachusetts resident or not, a day you spend in Massachusetts while on active duty in the U.S. armed forces is not counted as a day you spent in Massachusetts. Thus, you or your spouse are not taxable under the 183-day rule even if you’ve spent more than 183 days on active duty in Massachusetts.

Motor Vehicle Tax

Disabled veterans approved for a Disabled Veteran (DV) plate by RMV Medical Affairs are exempt from paying certain RMV registration and/or driver’s license fees.

Sales Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

Disabled veterans approved for a Disabled Veteran (DV) plate by RMV Medical Affairs are exempt from paying certain RMV registration and/or driver’s license fees.


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and its Department of Veterans’ Services are pleased to provide an annuity in the amount of $2,000 which is payable biannually on August 1st and February 1st in two installments of $1,000 each

Civil Service and Veterans’ Preference

Civil service uses a system of absolute veteran’s preference in which someone qualifying as a veteran who passes the open competitive exam is placed higher on the resulting eligible list except in respect to residency preference on Firefighter and Police Officer lists, see order of lists.

Tuition and Fee Waivers for Guard Members

As a member of the National Guard you receive substantial education benefits. While serving part-time and full-time in the Massachusetts National Guard you may be eligible for the State 100% Tuition and Fee Waiver, Federal Tuition Assistance (GoArmyEd), and G.I. Bill benefits.


Detroit Style Pizza Co.

20 percent discount on pickup and dine-in orders to military members, law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs and other public safety personnel in Saint Clair Shore, Clinton Township and Roseville. To receive the discount, military and public safety service members must be in uniform or simply show their public service or military ID. See more.

Michigan State Veterans Homes

Michigan Veteran Homes, housed within the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, provides long-term skilled nursing care for veterans (and eligible family members) through a federal-state partnership with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Income Tax

Filing requirements for those serving in a combat zone or receiving imminent danger pay. The deadline for filing a Michigan income tax return is April 15. The deadline for filing and paying is extended for Military personnel stationed in a combat zone, and for their spouses, while the person is in the combat zone and for 180 days afterward.

Michigan Veterans Trust Fund

The Emergency Grant Program is intended to help veterans overcome an unforeseen situation causing a temporary or short-term financial emergency or hardship that a grant will resolve and the applicant can demonstrate the ability to meet future expenses.

State Employment

Veterans’ Employment Services provides program-specific services with eligibility requirements as defined by federal law. We provide a host of intensive services to include resource information focusing on the needs of eligible veterans and spouses who are unable to obtain employment through the core services provided by Michigan Works! Service Centers along with individualized, one-on-one career services that are designed to reduce or eliminate barriers into the workforce

Outreach Programs

The Michigan Community Service Commission supports veterans through its Michigan’s AmeriCorps program, Veterans 211 Corps, ran through the Michigan Associated of United Ways.

Tuition Grant

The Children of Veterans Tuition Grant provides undergraduate tuition assistance to students older than 16 and less than 26 years of age who are the natural or adopted child of a Michigan veteran. The veteran must have died or become totally and permanently disabled as a result of military service.

Hunting and Fishing Privileges

For Michigan residents who are veterans with 100 percent disability or full-time active-duty military, fees are waived for hunting and fishing licenses not obtained through a lottery. Military personnel discount (active-duty status).


Wild Mountain Taylors Falls Recreation

Military rate is $18 + tax. (Military Discounts are available for full-priced day tickets (not season passes. Purchase a full-price tickets online, then show your ID at the ticket window and your discount will be applied to your credit card on-site.

Minnesota Veterans’ Homes

Our Veterans Homes provide person-centered care designed and delivered according to the individual needs of each resident. We operate 24/7 facilities that provide a combination of skilled nursing care, special care units for dementia and Alzheimer’s, domiciliary care, rehabilitation services, recreational therapy, and work therapy programs.

State Income Taxes

Minnesota allows a nonrefundable credit for past military service and an income tax subtraction for military retirement pay. Individuals who are eligible for both the credit and the subtraction may claim one or the other, but not both.

Short Term Financial Assistance (Subsistence)

The Subsistence program provides temporary assistance with shelter payments (rent/mortgage), current utility bills and health insurance premiums to eligible Veterans and their dependents. This benefit is income and asset based, and is designed to assist Veterans for up to six months for those who are unable to work his/her normal occupation due to a temporary disability, or who are permanently disabled and are waiting to receive a permanent disability benefit from VA Compensation, VA Pension, Social Security or other long term benefit.

MN Veterans Preference Act

The Minnesota Veterans Preference Act (VPA) grants most Veterans a limited preference over non-Veterans in hiring and promotion for most Minnesota public employment positions, as granted in Minnesota Statutes 197.48, 43A.11, and 197.455. These statues may apply to certain spouses of Veterans.

Minnesota GI Bill

The Minnesota GI Bill program provides assistance to eligible Minnesota Veterans, currently serving military, National Guard and Reserve members who served after September 11, 2001 and eligible spouse and children. The Program provides a maximum benefit of $10,000. Eligible participants can use the benefit in Higher Education, On-the-job training (OJT)/Apprenticeship or License and Certification.

Veterans Campground on Big Marine Lake

Veterans Campground on Big Marine Lake is a family campground that provides facilities and opportunities for recreation, rest, and recovery for all military veterans who have served honorably in the Armed Forces of the United States, their families, and sponsored guests.

Minnesota State Park Vehicle Permits

Active military personnel and their dependents in any branch or unit of the United States Armed Forces, veterans with a service-related disability, and Purple Heart recipients are eligible for a free year-round vehicle permit, providing unlimited access to all 75 Minnesota state parks and recreation areas.

Cross Country Ski Pass Exemptions

Your Ski Pass fee goes directly toward grooming cross-country ski trails!

Resident 100% Disabled Veterans Hunting License

Resident Veterans with proof of a 100% service-related disability can receive a hunting license.

Resident Veteran 100% Permanent Card

This application is for obtaining a Permanent Disabled Veteran License Card for a Minnesota resident who has a 100% permanent service-connected disability as defined by the U.S. Veterans Administration

Firearms Safety Training

DNR Firearms Safety Certification is required of anyone born after December 31, 1979 to purchase a hunting license in Minnesota. Check requirements in other states

Guardianship Division

The Guardianship Division provides financial case management services to incompetent veterans, their dependents, and survivors, who may be vulnerable to exploitation by others or by their own inabilities to manage their funds.


Eden MediSpa & Laser

Eden MediSpa & Laser in Columbus offers a 10 percent military discount with valid ID. See more.

Income Tax

Military retired pay and SBP payments are tax-free. See more.

Ad Valorem Tax

Veterans with a service-connected, total disability and an honorable discharge from military service is exempt from all Ad Valorem taxes on the assessed value of their home. Their un-remarried surviving spouses can also claim this exemption. See more.

Mississippi Veterans’ Home Purchase Board

The Veterans Home Purchase Board provides low-interest mortgage loans up to $400,000 for eligible veterans and unmarried surviving spouses to purchase an existing single-family home or to construct a new home. See more.

Mississippi Veteran Employment Preference

Qualified veterans get a 5 point preference for state jobs. Disabled veterans get a 10 point preference.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Veterans with a total service-connected disability from the VA are not required to purchase a hunting or fishing license, but must have proof of age, residency and disability status while hunting or fishing. See more.

Mississippi State Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Mississippi has two veterans cemeteries in Kilmichael and Newton.

Veterans, their spouses and eligible dependent children can be buried in the cemetery. Burial for veterans is free, a fee must be paid to bury non-veteran spouses and eligible dependent children. See more.


Missouri Veterans’ Homes

A current total of seven skilled nursing homes are located throughout Missouri, providing 3 levels of skilled nursing care at minimal cost to the veteran. Under the management of Missouri Veterans Commission, these homes are located in Cameron, Warrensburg, Mexico, St. Louis, St. James, Cape Girardeau, and Mt. Vernon. See more.

Income Tax

Missouri provides a deduction for military income earned as an active-duty member of the Armed Forces of the United States. See more.

Income Tax on Retired Pay

Income earned as a member of any active duty component of the armed forces of the United States may be eligible for a deduction. See more.

Tax Exemption for Agent Orange Settlement Payments

Veterans’ Benefit Income and Update of Agent Orange Settlement Fund Payments for All Programs. See more.

Vietnam Veterans Survivor Grant Program

The children and spouses of Missouri resident combat veterans deployed for active duty service on or after September 11, 2001 may also be eligible if the veteran received a DD214 indicating a combat pay tax exclusion exemption, or pay for hazardous duty, imminent danger, or hostile fire. The total number of students that may receive a grant in any year is limited by statute to 25. The veteran must have been a Missouri resident when first entering the military service or at the time of death or injury. The Missouri Veteran’s Commission determines whether the veteran meets the program’s requirements. See more.

Veterans’ Preference with State of Missouri Employment

Veterans Preference (Applies to Open Competitive Recruitment, Not Promotional Recruitment). See more.

Priority for Qualified Veterans Employment

State agencies that administer federally funded employment and training programs for veterans shall give priority to qualified veterans and other eligible persons. See more.

Missouri Returning Heroes’ Education Act

The Missouri Returning Heroes Act, Section 173.900, RSMo, established August 28, 2008, as amended effective August 28, 2019, provides reduced tuition for certain combat veterans attending public institutions of higher education. See more.

Free Fishing & Hunting License

Missouri allows any veteran with at least a 60% service-connected VA disability and an honorable discharge to hunt or fish without a license… for the most part. Some special tags for turkey or trout or the like may still be necessary. Having that said, Missouri basically just requires the qualified veteran to carry proof of eligibility with them while engaged in their sport. See more.

Resident Hunting & Fishing Licenses for Active Duty

Reduced cost Small Game Hunting and Fishing Permits are for Missouri residents who are currently (or have in the last 12 months) mobilized and serving on full-time active military duty in the National Guard (federal status) or reserve forces of the United States. See more.

State Veterans Cemeteries

From the initial concept of a Veterans cemetery program, one operational philosophy has remained constant; to honor our Veterans for their service and sacrifice. With that goal in mind, the Missouri Veterans Commission has created a network of Veterans cemeteries so that every Missouri Veteran will have reasonable access to a Veterans cemetery. Five cemeteries are in operation at this time; Springfield, Higginsville, Bloomfield, Ft. Leonard Wood, and Jacksonville. See more.

Hidden Valley Ski Resort, Wildwood

Military Discount lift tickets for active and retired military members. See more.

Silver Dollar City, Branson

Retired/active military and disabled veterans receive a Silver Dollar City 2-day ticket for the price of a 1-day ticket OR $5 off a Silver Dollar City one-day ticket. See more.

Six Flags Saint Louis, St. Louis

We offer a military rate at our frontage and some military bases offer discounted admission tickets at the MWR/ITR offices. See more.

White Water, Branson

Military Personnel for U.S. active or retired military, veterans, and military reservists, their spouse, and dependent children (ages 4-17) living in their household are eligible for the following discounted tickets. See more:


C.M. Russell Museum, Great Falls

Active Military and their family members: Free. See more.

Income Tax

Active duty and reserve/guard pay is not taxable. See more.

Military Waiver for CDL

Service members currently licensed and who are or were employed in the past year in a military position requiring the operation of a military motor vehicle equivalent to a commercial motor vehicle may apply for a skills test waiver for their commercial driver license (CDL). Written tests cannot be waived. See more.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

If you are a service member or a dependent of a service member stationed in Montana, you may purchase licenses or apply for special permits online at FWP.mt.govSee more.

Vehicle Registration Fee and Veterans’ Cemetery Fee Waivers

Eligible persons are exempt from the veterans’ cemetery fee for two sets of special veteran license plates and all motor vehicle registration fees for two motor vehicles that are not used for commercial purposes. See more.

State Veterans’ Cemeteries

The State of Montana maintains three Veterans Cemeteries, they are located in Helena, Missoula, and Miles City. Spouses may be buried along with the Veteran. See more.

Montana Honorably Discharged Veteran Tuition Waiver

All honorably discharged persons who served with the United States forces in any of its wars and who are bona fide residents of the State of Montana for fee and tuition purposes are eligible for a waiver. This waiver shall not apply to persons who qualify for education stipends or other veterans’ educational benefits under federal law or regulation and shall apply only to those who have at some time qualified for benefits but whose benefits have expired or been exhausted. See more.

White Fish Resort

Whitefish Mountain Resort is proud to offer great discounts for armed forces. Save big on skiing, riding, lodging, summer activities and more. Active, reserve and retired US and Canadian Armed Forces, Coast Guard, National Guard, and spouses and dependents are eligible. See more.

Certain Disabled or Deceased Veterans’ Residences Exempt

A residence, including the lot on which it is built, that is owned and occupied by a veteran or a veteran’s spouse is exempt from property taxation under certain situations. See more.


Nebraska Veterans’ Aid Fund

The NVA Fund was established in 1921. This temporary emergency aid fund assists veterans, their spouses, and dependents when an unforeseen emergency occurs disrupting their normal method of living and when other resources are not immediately available. See more.

Nebraska Homestead Exemption

A homestead exemption provides relief from property taxes by exempting all or a portion of the valuation of the homestead from taxation. A Veteran must have received an honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions. See more.

State Veterans Preference

State agencies comply with Nebraska’s Veterans’ Preference laws. If you are a veteran, the spouse of a 100% disabled veteran, or the spouse of a service member currently on active duty or discharged within the past 180 days, you may be eligible for Veteran’s Preference in the employment process. See more.

Waiver of Tuition

The University of Nebraska, the state colleges, and community colleges on behalf of any eligible child, spouse, widow or widower that meets the requirements may waive tuition. See more.

Reservist Tuition Credit

Nebraska residents who are enlisted members of a Nebraska-based unit of the Active Selected Reserve may be eligible for a 50% tuition credit to the University of Nebraska campuses, Nebraska state colleges and Nebraska community colleges. This program is allowed 200 new applicants each calendar year. See more.

Free Hunting & Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans

Nebraska residents who are veterans may receive a fee-exempt hunting or fishing permit if they are 50 percent disabled as a result of injuries incurred in the line of duty while in the Military or receives a pension from the Veterans Administration as a result of a total permanent disability not incurred in the line of duty in the Military Service. These permits are fee exempt and good for the life of the veteran. See more.

Reduced Fee Hunting & Fishing Licenses for Veterans Over 64

Nebraska residents who are veterans may qualify for a Veteran’s Hunting/Fishing Permit for a fee of $5 if they are 64 years of age or older and a veteran that has served active duty service other than basic training. See more.

Active-Duty Military Resident Permits

A Nebraska resident who is or has been deployed out of the state with a branch of the United States military within the last 12 months shall, upon returning to the state, be eligible to receive an Annual Small Game Hunt/Fish/Fur Harvest Permit on a one-time basis for $5. This permit includes all state stamps. A copy of deployment paperwork must be presented in person at the time of application. See more.

Deployed Military Permit

A Nebraska resident who is or has been deployed out of the state within the last 12 months shall, upon returning to the state, be eligible to receive an Annual Small Game Hunt/Fish Permit on a one-time basis for $5. This permit includes all state stamps. See more.

Nebraska Veterans Cemetery

The State of Nebraska operates a veterans cemetery in Alliance. Veterans and their dependents are eligible for burial at no charge. Eligibility requirements are the same as federal veterans’ cemeteries. See more.

The Strategic Air Command (SAC) & Aerospace Museum, Ashland

Military Active Duty, Retirees, and Veterans may receive a discounted admission price of $11, with valid military ID. See more.


Caesar’s Entertainment, Las Vegas

Receive military discounts and other qualifying reductions on hotel reservations made online by the aforementioned community members who verify their identity. In addition to any other promotional sales or hotel discount codes applied to your reservations, Caesars Entertainment will deduct another 10% to 15% off the price of your stay. See more.

Excalibur Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Active Duty Military Personnel receives 10% OFF rooms. Call and mention code MILITARY. Proper ID (Military) must be presented at time of check-in. See more.

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

We are proud to offer a 30% discount on rooms and suites to all active and retired military, police, healthcare, firefighters, EMT and EMS personnel. See more.

Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas

Save up to 25% off Flexible Rates. See more.

Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas

Active duty military can receive 10 percent off their hotel rate at The Mirage. Military ID is required to be provided upon check-in, and guests must be at least 21 years of age to check in. See more.

Station Casinos, Las Vegas

Discounts up to 15% off room rates. See more.

Stratosphere Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Get an extra 10% off for active-duty military, an ID is required at check-in. See more.

Terry Fator, Las Vegas

Save up to 25% off, Flexible Rates. See more.

New Hampshire

Attitash Mountain Resort, Bartlett

Discounted 1-Day military lift tickets and summer day passes. Military Discounts are valid for Active Duty service members with military photo ID. A special rate is also available for their qualified dependents with proper military ID. Limit one ticket per person per day. See more.

Crotched Mountain, Bennington

We offer Military Discount lift tickets for active and retired military members. See more.

Settlers’ Green Outlet Village, North Conway

Military Discounts: See more.

Wildcat Mountain, Pinkham Notch

Discounted lift tickets and rentals. Valid for active duty service members with military photo ID. See more.

Tax Exemption

The optional veterans’ tax credit, upon adoption by a city or town pursuant to RSA 72:27-a, shall be an amount from $51 up to $750. The optional veterans’ tax credit shall replace the standard veterans’ tax credit in its entirety and shall not be in addition thereto. See more.


The New Hampshire Veterans COVID-19 Relief and Support Fund will benefit New Hampshire Veterans and organizations that help New Hampshire Veterans. See more.

Employment Preference

If you are currently a full-time employee of the State of New Hampshire Veteran’s Preference point are only awarded upon initial entry to State classified service. See more.

Free Tuition at Vocational-Technical College

The child of a missing person who was domiciled in this State serving in or with the U.S. armed forces after February 28, 1961, is entitled to free tuition at vocational-technical college so long as said missing person is so reported/listed as missing, captured, etc. See more.

Fish and Game Licenses

Honorably discharged veterans who are residents of New Hampshire and who are permanently and totally disabled from a service-connected disability may be issued a free perpetual Fish and Game License. Patients at the VA Medical Center in Manchester, NH, and residents of the NH Veterans’ Home may be issued free fishing permits under certain conditions. Disabled veterans may hunt from motor vehicles or boats under certain conditions with a proper permit. See more.


Indigent veterans may be buried at the expense of the municipality in which the veteran died. See more.

New Jersey

New Jersey, Statewide

Disabled veterans and Purple Heart recipients (under certain specific circumstances) are exempt from payment of municipal parking meter fees, for up to 24 hours, so long as their vehicle displays a valid “Disabled Veteran, Purple Heart Recipient Placard” issued by the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission. See more.

NJ Veterans Memorial Homes

The State of New Jersey runs Veterans’ Homes in Paramus, Menlo Park, and Vineland. The facilities are open to Veterans of all wars who served on active duty and were honorably discharged, qualified National Guard/Reserve Retirees, the Veteran’s Spouse, and Spouses and parents of members of the military who were killed in action during a period of war (Gold Star Parent). A Spouse/Widow/Widower must be at least 50 years of age and must have been married to the Veteran for a period of not less than 10 years. Preference is given to applicants who were state residents for at least two years immediately prior to application for admission. Applicants must meet certain asset limitation criteria. Residents pay according to ability based on income. See more.

Veterans Haven

The Transitional Housing Program for homeless veterans occupies one large building on state property in Winslow Township. The program is divided into three phases: treatment; self-reclamation; and community reintegration. Each phase lasts three to six months and is tailored to individual treatment needs and vocational interests. Eligible veterans are referred from a VA Medical Center after receiving a medical evaluation. To be admitted into the program, the veteran must agree to a long-term program focusing on psychological, social and vocational rehabilitation. The program is drug and alcohol-free and has a staff comprised of professionals in the fields of mental health, addictions, social work, vocational rehabilitation and nursing. See more.

NJ Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (HMFA)

NJHMFA’s Multifamily Supportive Housing and Lending Division administers financing and support programs for service-enriched housing developments, housing for people with special needs and provides technical assistance and coordination within NJHMFA and other state agencies. See more.

Active Duty Income Tax Exclusion

You are eligible for a $6,000 exemption ($3,000 for Tax Years 2017 and 2018) on your New Jersey Income Tax return if you are a military veteran who was honorably discharged or released under honorable circumstances from active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States on or any time before the last day of the tax year. Your spouse (or civil union partner) is also eligible for an exemption if they are a veteran who was honorably discharged or released under honorable circumstances and you are filing a joint return. This exemption is in addition to any other exemptions you are entitled to claim and is available on both the resident and nonresident returns. You cannot claim this exemption for a domestic partner or for your dependents. Note: This exemption can only be claimed by qualifying veterans. It does not pass through to a surviving spouse. See more.

Retired Military Pay Income Tax

U.S. military pension and survivor’s benefit payments are not taxable for New Jersey gross income tax purposes, regardless of the recipient’s age or disability status. See more.

New Jersey Property Tax Deduction

An annual $250 Veterans Property Tax Deduction requires citizenship, state residency, active wartime service in the U.S. Armed Forces, honorable discharge, property ownership, and the timely completion of an application. If living, the Veteran must own the property in whole or in part to qualify for the deduction. Surviving spouse qualifies if all criteria are met. Eligibility for the deduction is established as of October 1 of the pre-tax year. The application can be filed at the local tax assessor’s office with appropriate documentation. Disabled Veteran Exemption requires a 100 % VA Certificate of Disability. The exemption should be permanent and total, partial or temporary is non-qualifying. The property must be owned and occupied by the claimant and must be their legal residence in this state. See more.

New Jersey Catastrophic Entitlement

Eligible Veterans/surviving spouses receive a monthly entitlement of $62.50. Criteria: A Veteran must be a New Jersey resident in receipt of a permanent service-connected disability rating from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs that resulted from wartime service resulting in one of the following catastrophic disabilities resulting in a 100% rating: loss of sight; amputation of both hands, both feet or one hand and one foot; hemiplegia and permanent paralysis of one leg and one arm on either side of the body; paraplegia and permanent paralysis of both legs and lower parts of the body; osteochondritis and permanent loss of use of both legs; multiple sclerosis and the loss of use of both feet or both legs; quadriplegia. See more.

POW and MIA Tuition Benefits

Free undergraduate college tuition is available to any child born or adopted before, during or after the period of time his or her parent was officially declared a prisoner of war (POW) or person missing in action (MIA) after Jan. 1, 1960. The POW-MIA must have been a New Jersey resident at the time he or she entered the service or whose official residence is in New Jersey. The child must attend either a public or private institution in New Jersey. A copy of DD-1300 must be furnished with the application. See more.

War Orphans Tuition Assistance

Children of those service personnel who died while in the military or due to service-connected disabilities, or who are officially listed as missing in action by the U.S. Dept. of Defense may claim $500 per year for four years of college or equivalent training. To qualify, the child must be a resident of New Jersey for at least one year immediately preceding the filing of the application and be between the ages of 16 and 21 at the time of application. The veteran must have been a state resident. See more.

Six Flags Great Adventure / Hurricane Harbor / Wild Safari, Jackson

Six Flags Great Adventure / Hurricane Harbor / Wild Safari parks offer military appreciation days where military members receive free admission. Days vary by park and season. Tickets are available at discounted prices, varies by location, on military bases and installations through the MWR or ITT recreation offices. Quantities are unlimited with a valid military or DoD ID. Discounted tickets are NOT available at the parks. See more.

New Mexico

Domino’s Pizza Team

Qualified U.S. military veterans interested in business ownership at Domino’s Pizza in Roswell, Artesia, Carlsbad, Hobbs, Clovis, Ruidoso, Santa Fe, Espanola or Las Vegas, will receive a competitive $20,000 franchise fee discount, operational savings, rebates and comprehensive training. See more.

The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, Albuquerque

Admission to the museum is only $7 for Active Military with ID (and their dependents), or $8 for Veterans. Regular admission fee is normally $12. See more.

Red River Ski & Summer Area, Red River

As a thank you and appreciation for their service, we’re proud to offer discounts to Service Members and First Responders. Active Duty, Reserve, Retired Military, and First Responders, including legal direct dependents, receive 20% off select winter products. Eligible guests will need to call to make reservations. Booking fee for reservations completed over the phone is waived for Military & First Responders. See more.

Veterans’ Day Recreation and Museum Privileges

Any veteran rated 50% or higher service-connected disabled may obtain a free State Monument and Museum pass for personal use only. See more.

Day-Pass and Three Free Camping Nights for Disabled Veterans

New Mexico State Parks is proud to provide you with a Veterans Annual Day Use Pass and three Veterans Camping Passes. All passes are valid for the next 12 months and are available at no charge to New Mexico resident veterans with a 50% or greater service-connected disability. See more.

Free State Monuments and Museums Pass for Disabled Veterans

Free State Park passes for New Mexico Resident Veterans rated 50% or more disabled by the Veterans Administration. See more.

Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License for Disabled Veterans

Residents who are disabled veterans of the armed services, but do not meet the 100%-disabled qualification, are eligible for a $10 Game-hunting & Fishing License. See more.

Reduced-Fee Hunting & Fishing License for Disabled Veterans

This is a first-time application for a free small-game, fishing and deer license for 100% service-connected disabled New Mexico resident veterans. This privilege will be issued upon verification of disability status from the New Mexico Department of Veteran Service. See more.

Hunting Fee Discount for Non-Resident Disabled Veterans Undergoing Rehabilitation

Hunting licenses for deer, antelope, elk, javelina and turkey may be sold to non-resident disabled U.S. military members or veterans at resident license-fee rates if the applicant is undergoing a rehabilitation program utilizing hunting activities supported by the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) or an authorized nonprofit organization. See more.

Temporary Hunting and Fishing License for Active-Duty Military Personnel

50% discounts on all licenses, permits and stamps are available to New Mexico residents who are active duty military or veterans. The discount may be claimed by applying for or purchasing any license, permit or stamp online, by telephone or at any license vendor. Residents claiming this discount must be able to provide proof of active duty military or veteran status upon request. Discount does not apply to: license vendor fees or the Resident Disabled Veteran Game-hunting & Fishing license. See more.

Veterans’ Tax Exemption

Up to $4,000 of the taxable value of property, including the community or joint property of husband and wife, subject to the tax is exempt from the imposition of the tax if the property is owned by a veteran or the veteran’s unmarried surviving spouse if the veteran or surviving spouse is a New Mexico resident. Certain discharges may render a veteran ineligible for this benefit. See more.

Disabled Veteran Tax Exemption

The property of a disabled veteran, including joint or community property of the veteran and the veteran’s spouse, may be exempt from property taxation if it is occupied by the disabled veteran as the veteran’s principal place of residence. For purposes here, a disabled veteran is a veteran who has been determined by federal law to have a 100% permanent and total service-connected disability. Certain discharges may render a veteran ineligible for this benefit. See more.

Exemption from Excise Taxes on Vehicle Purchases

Any veteran who has suffered the loss, or complete loss of use of one or more limbs due to their service in the military shall be exempted from excise taxes when purchasing a new vehicle. See more.

New York

Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown

Active and retired military members receive free admission to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Members of veterans organizations get in at the senior rate. See more.

Bronx Zoo, Bronx

Active U.S. military and veterans are eligible to receive a complimentary Bronx Zoo Admission or Limited Admission ticket for themselves and 50% off tickets for up to 3 guests. Advance ticket reservation required. Please use promotional code MILITARYBZ for active personnel and VETERANBZ for Veterans during checkout. Military members must be present with valid ID on entry. See more.

New York Aquarium, New York

Experience the wonders of marine nature with your loved ones at the New York Aquarium. Active duty or reserved U.S. military members get a free Total Experience ticket (subject to availability) or General Admission ticket upon presenting a valid ID at the admissions gate. Up to three family members can also get a 50% discount if their tickets are purchased in the same transaction. See more.

Six Flags Great Escape Splashwater Kingdom, Lodge & Indoor Waterpark, Lake George

Most military bases offer discounted admission tickets at their MWR/ITR offices. Military discount is $5 off the general admission ticket, up to four guests when Military ID is shown. See more.

9/11 Memorial Museum

The 9/11 Memorial Museum offers veterans discounted admission and active-duty military, retired military and 9/11 family members are free. See more.

Carnegie Hall

Both active-duty personnel and veterans of the military can save 30% on tickets to Carnegie Hall presentations (excluding galas and Weill Music Institute events). These tickets can only be purchased in person at the Box Office. See more.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building in Midtown Manhattan offers a military discounted rate of $31.00 for tickets to the 86th Floor Main Deck Observatory. Military in uniform receives free admission. See more.

Intrepid Museum

U.S. military and veterans receive free admission to the Museum. See more.

Hunting Licenses & Permits for Disabled Veterans

Veterans with a 40% or greater disability rating are eligible for low-cost hunting and fishing licenses. See more.

Hunting & Fishing Licenses for Nonresident Military Members

Non-residents stationed in NY for more than 30 days are entitled to resident prices for fishing, hunting or trapping licenses. See more.

Hunting & Fishing Licenses for NY Resident Military Members

Free hunting/big game, fishing and trapping licenses are available to New York State residents who have the appropriate Sportsmen Education and are active service members of the military. See more.

Lifetime Liberty Pass for NYS Veterans With Disabilities

The Lifetime Liberty Pass benefits include free vehicle entry to state parks and DEC-operated day-use areas, as well as numerous state boat launch sites, historic sites, arboretums and park preserves; free golf at 28 State Park golf courses; free swimming pool entrance at 36 State Park pools, and discounted camping and cabin rentals at all 119 State Park and DEC campgrounds. Wartime veterans with 40% or greater service-connected disability are eligible. See more.

North Carolina

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

All veterans who are 50% or more disabled may purchase a lifetime hunting-fishing license. Prices of the licenses range from $10 to $110 depending on the type of license the veteran wishes to purchase. See more.

Carolina Mornings Cabins, Asheville

$50 discount to all active and veteran military members. See more.

North Dakota

Aikido Bismarck

Active duty military of all branches, (including National Guard), are eligible to receive discounted tuition for $60 per month (regular price is $80/mo.). Tuition is due monthly in the first week of class. See more.

Game License For Disabled Veterans

Resident Disabled Veteran Hunting License (100% service-connected disability required). Includes general game, habitat stamp, small game, and fur-bearer license. See more.

ND State Park Fees For Disabled Veterans

North Dakota veterans with a 50% or greater, service-related disability and former POWs are eligible for a free annual permit. All other North Dakota veterans with service-related disabilities may purchase an annual permit for $28. See more.

Fishing License For Disabled Veterans

For a resident fishing license, $10, except that for a resident sixty-five years or over or a resident totally or permanently disabled, the license fee is $3. See more.

Residents Active Duty Deer License

A resident of North Dakota who is on active duty outside the state, and shows proof of North Dakota residency, including a driver’s license number or a non-driver photo identification number from this state, and who pays the appropriate licensing fee, is eligible for a deer gun season license without having to participate in the lottery. See more.

Resident Hunting Fishing Or Trapping Without A License

Upon presentation of valid leave papers and a valid North Dakota operator’s license, a resident who is on leave and is on active duty may hunt small game, fish, or trap during the open season without a license. See more.

Operation Black Hills Cabin

The purpose of Operation Black Hills Cabin is to offer a week-long respite to qualifying wounded Veterans and their families from the Iraq/Afghanistan campaign at little to no expense to them (except for transportation). See more.

North Dakota Museum of Art

Military Discount is $20 for membership. See more.

Income Taxes

If you are a North Dakota resident who is a National Guard or Reserve member mobilized for federal active duty, you are allowed to deduct your federal active duty compensation in calculating your North Dakota taxable income. Combat pay, training pay, and some other pays are not deductible. See more.

Hardship Grant

The purpose of this assistance is to provide monies to give aid and comfort to veterans and their spouses, or un-remarried widow/widowers of eligible veterans. See more.

Veterans Educational Training (VET)

A free program of study funded by the state of North Dakota to prepare you for a certification program, two-year or four-year college degree. See more.


Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, Powell

Military members and families receive $2 off up to 6 tickets by presenting a valid military ID. See more.

Independent Motorsports, Columbus

10% discount on all parts and accessories for military veterans, retirees, active duty and reservists. Please show valid proof of service. See more.

Mad River Mountain, Zanesfield

We offer Military Discount lift tickets for active and retired military members. See more.

Pro Football Hall of Fame, Canton

The Pro Football Hall of Fame admits active duty military members at a discount of $5 off the regular admission price. Veterans receive $3 off the regular admission price. See more.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland

The Rock Hall thanks military, police, and first responders for their service and offers a discount with valid ID. Discounted ticket price applies to those in or retired from service. Eligible service members with valid ID can also purchase one additional discounted ticket for a guest (limit one guest per valid ID). Tickets will be verified with proper ID upon arrival. See more.

Hunting and Fishing License Exemptions

Ohio resident service members on active duty, while on leave or furlough are not required to purchase a fishing license, hunting license, Ohio Wetlands Habitat Stamp, or fur taker permit. All other licenses and permits are required. See more.

Camping Discounts at Ohio State Parks

Active military and Veterans are entitled to a 10% discount. The discount may be used for only one site per time period. Military ID or Veteran identification must be presented to receive a discount. See more.

Free Camping at Ohio State Parks

Free camping for Ohio residents who are former POWs or who are honorably discharged with a permanent and total disability as determined by the VA. Not applicable to getaway rentals. See more.


Hunting and Fishing Permit for Disabled Veterans

Free hunting and fishing permit for legal resident veterans having a disability of 60% or more exempt from the Wildlife Land Stamp requirements. See more.

Hunting and Fishing License for Nonresident Military

All nonresident active duty military personnel, along with their dependents, can purchase any annual resident license issued by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. See more.

Free admission to state-owned or operated parks & museums

Free entrance to National Parks for Veterans and Gold Star Families. See more.

Fortress Storage Solutions

We want to thank our neighbors in the armed forces (both active and retired), which is why we offer a 10% military discount. We also provide a 10% senior citizen discount. See more.

The Outlet Shoppes at Oklahoma City

Select outlet stores offer military discounts. See more.

Tipton’s Plumbing and Sewer

10% off. See more.


Oregon Hunting and Fishing Licenses

A free lifetime Oregon hunting and angling license to service-connected disabled veterans rated 25% or more. Disabled veterans are also eligible for an Oregon Elk tag at a reduced cost. See more.

Oregon State Parks

Special Access Pass for Veterans with Disabilities & Refunds for Active Duty Military On Leave. See more.

Wings and Waves Waterpark, McMinnville

Active duty military with valid military I.D. can receive $5 off waterpark admission. Offer is valid for up to 4 people and includes free access to the museum. Active duty can also buy more tickets for just $5 per person. Military veterans who show valid proof of service can receive $5 off waterpark admission (valid for up to 4 people) and $4 off entrance to the museum. See more.

Portland Art Museum

Free admission for Veterans and Active-Duty Military. See more.

Portland Children’s Museum

Military members $1 off -$9.75. See more.

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

Active Military personnel are admitted free with military ID. Veterans receive a $4 admission discount with military ID. We accept AAA Discounts & Rewards. See more.

NW Family Chiropractic

All active-duty military members always receive FREE chiropractic care (any branch of the US service). See more.

Shilo Inns Suite and Hotels

Discounted rates open to Military Personnel who have proper identification. See more.

Oregon Property Tax Exemption

Veterans who are rated at 40% or more disabled by the VA may qualify for a residential tax exemption. See more.

Income Tax on Retired Pay

Your out-of-state wages or self-employment income isn’t taxed by Oregon, even if the other state can’t tax it because of the federal Military Spouse Residency Relief Act. You don’t have to file a return unless you had Oregon tax withheld or other Oregon-source income, such as rental income or retirement pay. See more.


Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia

Military members who visit the United States’ oldest natural history museum receive $3 off the regular price of admission. See more.

Larenas, Somerset

Save 15% on a bridal gown at Larenas by presenting a valid military ID. See more.

Fishing License For Active Duty Personnel

Non-resident military members stationed in Pennsylvania can get a fishing license for the resident rate, Pennsylvania residents stationed outside of the state can fish free while on leave. See more.

Hunting License For Active Duty Personnel

To qualify, applicants must meet all of the requirements and provide the appropriate documentation. This license includes one antlered deer tag, one fall turkey tag, one spring turkey tag and small game hunting privileges for one license year. See more.

Antlerless Deer License For Active Duty

Active-duty personnel, be they Pennsylvania residents home on leave, PA National Guard, or non-residents stationed in-state can get a reduced fee license. See more.

Antlerless Deer License For Disabled Veterans

Issued to Resident DV Lifetime Hunting license holders to renew a DV lifetime hunting license for the current year. DV lifetime hunting license holders renewing for the first time through HuntFishPA must provide their SSN (one time only) and their valid PA Driver’s License or some other form of positive ID showing their current address. ID cards are no longer issued or required since HuntFishPA accesses the resident DV lifetime license database to verify privileges that the individual has on file. This license includes one antlered deer tag, one fall turkey tag, one spring turkey tag and small game hunting privileges for one license year.
Name:Range:Screen reader support enabled.  See more.

Sesame Place Family Theme Park, Langhorne

Any active duty, activated or drilling reservist, or National Guardsman and as many as 3 dependents are entitled to a free, one-time admission at SeaWorld’s Sesame Place Family Theme Park. Military personnel must register to receive tickets. Limit one complimentary admission per year, per person to one park. See more.

Rhode Island

Mill Stores Discount Furniture, N. Kingstown

10% discount with a valid Military ID at the register. See more.

Free Hunting & Fishing Licenses For Disabled Veterans

Every 100% disabled veteran can get a hunting and fishing license for free. See more.

Hunting & Fishing License For Military Members

Non-resident military members stationed in Rhode Island can get hunting and fishing licenses for the resident rate. See more.

State Park Admission

No fee shall be charged to any 100% service-connected disabled veteran or an automobile transporting the disabled veteran at any recreational facility owned by the state. See more.

Patriot Subaru of North Attleboro

Patriot Subaru provides a standing offer of a 10% Discount to all active, honorably discharged, retired military personnel, including spouses with proper credentials, on all Parts and Service, after the sale of the vehicle. See more.

Property Tax Exemption

Eligible Veterans residing in Rhode Island may receive an exemption either on their real estate tax bill or on their motor vehicle tax bill. See more.

Free Tuition For Disabled Veterans

Veterans with 10 -100% service-connected disability get free tuition at RI’s public colleges and universities. Permanent resident of Rhode Island only. The student must apply for and use financial aid first. See more.

South Carolina

Patriot’s Point, Mount Pleasant

Active duty military members who visit Patriot’s Point in Charleston, South Carolina receive free admission if they come in uniform and discounted admission with a military ID. See more.

Free Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Provides free hunting/fishing licenses to veterans who are totally disabled. The license must be applied for directly from the SC Department of Natural Resources showing proof of disability. See more.

State Park Admission for Disabled Veterans

The ALL Park Passport or SELECT Park Passport is available for purchase at half price for,100 percent disabled residents of South Carolina and active members of the South Carolina National Guard. See more.

Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, Columbia

Offers discounts to military families with military ID (14.95). See more.

Love Chevrolet

Love Chevrolet is honored to support those who serve our country by providing an offer to Active Duty members, Reservists, Veterans, National Guard Members and Retirees – including spouse and household members – the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard†. See more.

South Dakota

Shooters Wood Fire Grill, Rapid City

Active duty military can get a 10% discount with a valid ID. See more.

Hunting and Fishing Cards for Disabled Veterans

Disabled Veteran and Prisoner of War Reduced Fee Hunting and Fishing Licenses See more.

Free Admission and Reduced Camping Fees for Veterans

Certain resident veterans may obtain free admission to any South Dakota state park and are eligible for a fifty percent discount on any camping fee or associated electrical fee. See more.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses for Active Duty Members

Upon completion of the form and verification of eligibility, South Dakota residents will receive a Reduced Fee Hunting & Fishing License. This license (card) will be a replacement for the resident small game license and resident fishing license. The license is valid for a four-year period. See more.

Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

SDCL 10-4-40 and 10-4-41states that $150,000 of the full and true value of a dwelling that is owned and occupied by a veteran who is rated permanently and totally disabled from a service-connected disability(ies) is exempt from taxation. The dwelling must be owned and occupied by the veteran. Application for the exemption is made through the county assessor. The surviving spouse of veteran who was rated as permanently and totally disabled from a service-connected disability qualifies for the same property tax exemption. See more.

Free Tuition for Dependents of POW’s and MIA’s

Children and spouses of prisoners of war, or of persons listed as missing in action, are entitled to attend a state-supported school without the payment of tuition or mandatory fees provided they are not eligible for equal or greater federal benefits. See more.


Free Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Free hunting and fishing licenses for Veterans with 30% or more war service-connected disabilities, after an initial one time fee of $10. See more.


A Tennessee veterans’ discount for camping within state parks is available during the off-season, (December 1 through February 28/29). The discount is 50% off of our standard nightly base rates depending on the type of site chosen. Premium sites excluded. This camping discount is available to Tennessee residents showing proof of prior military duty to receive the discount. See more.

Free Day – State Parks

In order to honor the veterans of this state and encourage the use of natural parks across Tennessee, the Department of Environment and Conservation shall designate one (1) day per year during which access to and use of all state parks, including, but not limited to, campgrounds and golf courses, shall be free of charge for all veterans. Each veteran shall be required to show proof of veteran status, prior to being granted free admission to any state park. See more.

Foxfire Mountain (Sevierville)

10% veterans discount year-round. See more.

Great Smoky Mountain Wheel at The Island, Pigeon Forge

$12 wheel admission per person for veterans and active-duty military, emergency response personnel, law enforcement, and firefighters. See more.

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, Gatlinburg

Available discounts: Active Military, Retired Military. See more.


Houston Zoo, Houston, TX

All members of the U.S. military, their families and veterans 50% off regular admission tickets with valid military ID. Guests with a U.S. military ID can purchase up to two (2) adult and three (3) children’s tickets per day. See more.

San Antonio Spurs Sports & Entertainment, San Antonio

Spurs Sports & Entertainment offers all Military and Veterans up to 40% off on Salute Night tickets, and 15% off at the Spurs Fan Shop on USAA Salute Nights, with a Military I.D. Discount is also applicable towards select AT&T Center family shows. See more.

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, San Antonio

Any active duty, activated or drilling reservist, or National Guardsman and as many as 3 dependents are entitled to a free one-time admission at SeaWorld San Antonio. Military personnel must register to receive tickets. Limit one complimentary admission per year, per person to one park. See more.

Yespup.com, Dallas, TX

Active duty members, veterans, guards, reservists and immediate families of active-duty personnel may get 10% off on all dog training services. See more.


Tuacahn Amphitheatre, Ivins

All ticket orders are subject to handling fees of $4 per ticket. There is no additional charge when tickets are delivered via Email. There is a $2 per order delivery charge to have tickets mailed or picked up at will call. When purchasing a ticket with residency, retired military, membership or corporate employment restrictions, please present applicable ID at the time of ticket pick-up. Failure to have applicable ID will result in the loss of the discount with no refund option. See more.

Fishing License Privileges

Utah Disabled Veterans with 20% or greater disability may be eligible for discounted fishing licenses. See more.

State Park Admission

The Division of Utah State Parks and Recreation offers a free Honor Pass to qualified veterans who are Utah residents and who were honorably discharged, and have a service-related disability rating of 50% or greater. See more.

Eagle Point Resort

15% discount to active duty military on life tickets. See more.

All Seasons Resort Lodging

All Seasons Resort Lodging would like to invite veterans to enjoy a 10% discount on top of our lowest published rate. See more.

Brian Head Resort

We have created this special pass for our Military Personnel. See more.

Carey’s Cycle

Offer discount available when showing ID. See more.

Tuition Waiver for Purple Heart Recipients

Purple Heart recipients are eligible for a tuition waiver at all public institutions of higher learning in Utah. This benefit can be used toward a degree up to and including a Master’s Degree. To receive this benefit, the Veteran must submit proof that they are a Purple Heart recipient to the State Institution they attend.


Hunting and Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans

Veterans with a VA Service Connected Disability rating of 60% or greater can receive a free lifetime hunting and fishing license. See more.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses for Non-Resident Veterans

A non-resident person with paraplegia or a permanent, severe, physical mobility disability residing in a state that provides a reciprocal privilege to Vermont residents may receive a free one-year fishing license, or a one-year combination license, with the proper proof of disability. See more.

Resident Military Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Performing, or is under orders to perform, a homeland defense or state-side contingency operation for a period of 120 or more consecutive days may obtain at no cost a hunting or fishing license or combination hunting and fishing license. See more.

Non-Resident Military Hunting and Fishing Licenses

A non-resident Service member may buy a license to hunt or fish in Vermont at the resident rate. See more.

Green Mountain Pass

Veterans may receive a Green Mountain Pass for a $2 fee. Use the Green Mountain Pass for free admission to Vermont State Parks (overnight camping and other park fees are excluded), Vermont State Historic Sites, and events which are fully state-sponsored. Disabled veterans with a rating of 60% or greater can receive a Green Mountain Pass for free. See more.

Okemo Mountain Resort

A discount is available for U.S. Military personnel who are on active duty and their dependent families. Simply show your active duty ID (as well as the dependent IDs for any dependent family members with you) at the ticket window. See more.

Killington Mountain Resort

Free Killington and Pico express card and free lift ticket on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day for all active duty, retired and honorably discharged members of the U.S. Military. See more.

Bolton Valley

Active military, National Guard, Reserves, veterans and their dependents receive 50% off Season Passes and lift tickets every day. See more.


Busch Gardens Williamsburg Theme Park, Williamsburg

Any active duty, activated or drilling reservist, or National Guardsman and as many as 3 dependents are entitled to a free one-time admission at SeaWorld’s Busch Gardens Theme Park. Military personnel must register to receive tickets. Limit one complimentary admission per year, per person to one park. See more.

Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg

Available to active-duty and immediate family members: visit the MWR/ITT offices at your military installation to obtain an exclusive Military One Day Plus Pass, or receive 10% off on Multi-day Tickets at our walk-up ticket windows. See more.

Kings Dominion Theme Park, Doswell

We are pleased to offer discounted tickets to active and retired members of the military and veterans on all public operating days. The discount offer is available online and is valid for up to six (6) family members. The discount may vary throughout the season. See more.

Simply Storage, Virginia Beach

5% Military Discount See more.

Hercules Moving

Offer a military discount. See more.

Nauticus Science Center and Museum

Seniors 55+ receive $1.00 off of general admission. Active Duty Military receive $3.00 off of general admission. Offers only valid at front desk with valid ID. See more.

Norfolk Botanical Garden

$2 off general admission tickets with a military ID. See more.

Norfolk Tides Baseball

Military receive discounted tickets. See more.

Topgolf Virginia Beach

We proudly support military families through Folds of Honor, an organization that provides educational scholarships to children and spouses of fallen and disabled service members. See more.

Virginia Aquarium

$2 off Aquarium admission to active duty military personnel, immediate family members, and retired military with a valid ID. Discounted tickets for the whole family are available at most MWR offices. See more.

Virginia Air and Space Center

Active Duty Military and NASA Personnel: Receive $10 off any Membership Level. See more.

Virginia Zoo

A $10 discount (applicable for all membership levels) will be given given to Military, First Responders, or Seniors (62+). See more.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries offers a free lifetime hunting and fishing license, and a discounted saltwater license for Virginia resident veterans who are totally and permanently service-connected disabled. They also offer annual discounted hunting and freshwater fishing licenses to 70% and greater service-connected disabled veterans as well as a discounted hunting, fishing, and saltwater license for non-resident permanently disabled veterans. See more.


Centralia Factory Outlet, Centralia (Between Seattle & Portland)

List of military discounts at participating stores. Must present a valid ID. See more.

Jordan River Moving & Storage, Kirkland

Military Discount offered is 5% off the total move cost. Cannot be combined with other offers, and covers only HHGs. Excludes autos and third-party services. See more.

Pacific Science Center, Seattle

Discounted admission rates are available at the door with valid ID for active duty, retiree, reservist, and Department of Defense employees and their families. Discounts do not apply to Feature IMAX movies and cannot be combined with other coupons or offers. See more.

Hunting & Fishing Licenses

If you are a resident or non-resident of Washington who has been honorably discharged from military service, and have received a disability percentage rating from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), you may qualify for a reduced-fee license if you meet the criteria below. If you are receiving a disability award or rating from the Social Security Administration or any other federal, state, and/or county entity you may not be eligible for these reduced fees. See more.

Hunting & Fishing Licenses for Active Duty

Active duty U.S. military stationed in Washington State are considered residents and qualify for resident licenses as long as they are stationed in Washington unless they have a license from another state, then they must purchase a non-resident license. An active duty military member who maintains his status as a resident of Washington can continue to buy resident licenses in Washington even if transferred elsewhere, as long as he/she doesn’t purchase a resident license in another state. See more.

State Parks Disabled Veteran Lifetime Pass

Free camping/moorage, campsite reservations through State Parks central reservations system, watercraft launching, trailer dump and day use. Valid year-round for 30% or greater disabled veterans. See more.

Washington DC

The International Spy Museum, Washington D.C.

Individual admission for those with a valid military ID is $15.95 (normally $21.95). Seniors, Fire & Law Enforcement are eligible to receive the same discounted price. See more.

Tuition Program

Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) is a benefit available for Soldiers in the ARNG that may be combined with the State Tuition Assistance (STA) programs. This program is governed by GoArmyEd (www.goarmyed.com). The Education Office can assist Soldiers in setting up their account and applying to Tuition Assistance. See more.

No-Cost Fishing License for Senior Citizens

Persons 65 years of age or older may fish in the District of Columbia without a fishing license.

Reduced Metro Fare Program for Veterans with Disabilities

Veterans with at least 60% disability rating by the VA can qualify for reduced fares on Metrobus and Metrorail. See more.

Income Tax On Retired Military Pay

Income based property tax exemptions and deferrals may be available to seniors, those retired due to disability and veterans compensated at the 80% service connected rate. See more.

West Virginia

Glade Springs, Daniels

Glade Springs is proud to honor and recognize active US Military Personnel discounts from our normal rates. See more.

Snowshoe Mountain, Snowshoe

Active duty, retired and dependents with a valid military ID receive 40% off midweek and value season lift tickets, 20% off weekend and holiday lift tickets and 10% off lodging anytime. See more.

West Virginia State Parks

Veterans and active-duty military personnel are provided a year-round 10% discount on all standard lodge rooms, cabins and campsites operated by West Virginia State Parks. Additional discounts and offers for veterans and military members are available seasonally. See more.

Hunting and Fishing for Active Duty Members

Services members who are on active duty are permitted to hunt, fish and trap without a license while home on leave. See more.

Free Hunting and Fishing Privileges

For 100% service-connected veterans and those veterans in receipt of a VA auto grant. See more.

Veterans Bonus

The state of West Virginia has provided a bonus to all service members who served on active duty during war-time for conflicts dating back as far as World War I. The current bonus is available for those serving on active duty during Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo, and includes a one-time payment of $600 with an additional $400 for those deployed to the combat zone. See more.

Income Tax

First $2,000 in retired pay is exempt, plus an additional exclusion total whose formula is years of military service multiplied by 2 percent, multiplied by military pension; or $20,000, whichever is less. See more.

Stonewall Resort

Thank you for your service! To show our appreciation, we’re offering active and former military personnel a special offer for 2021 weddings! See more.

Winterplace Ski Resort

Winterplace proudly supports our men and women in the military. Call (304)787-3221 for a discount code to be used when purchasing tickets. To take advantage of these special prices you must present a valid Military Identification card when picking uplift tickets and renting equipment (credit card deposit required for rental equipment). One discounted lift ticket and rental equipment per ID. This offer is not good with any other discounted offers. See more.


Disabled Veterans Fishing License

Wisconsin disabled Veterans with a combined service-connected disability rating by the VA of 70% or greater; or are receiving service-connected disability benefits as individually unemployable are eligible for a disabled Veteran reduced-fee fishing license. See more.

Bear License for Purple Heart Recipients

Residents and nonresident Purple Heart medal recipients who exhibit proof they received a Purple Heart medal are eligible to receive a one-time transfer of a Class A Bear license. See more.

Conservation Patron License for Purple Heart Recipients

Any resident Purple Heart recipient who exhibits proof at a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Service Center of having received a Purple Heart medal is eligible to purchase a Conservation Patron license for $10. Nonresident Purple Heart recipients may purchase the license for $161. See more.

Free Hunting or Fishing License for Returning Veterans

Recently returning Wisconsin resident veterans may receive a one-time free small game, archery, gun deer or annual fishing license. See more.

Military Free Fishing and Small Game Hunting License

Any active duty Wisconsin resident who presents their military I. D. and leave papers is eligible for a free small game license, turkey permit, and fishing license. They may also purchase one bonus antlerless deer carcass tag for any ONE unit with a quota; even if the unit is sold out, a sturgeon spearing license after the October 31 deadline, through the end of the open season for spearing sturgeon; and are eligible to receive a one-time transfer of a Class A Bear license. All other hunting, trapping or fishing licenses can be purchased at resident rates. See more.

Active Duty Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing Licenses

If you are a nonresident attending high school or a university in Wisconsin, or you are a nonresident who is an active member of the armed forces stationed in Wisconsin, please contact your nearest DNR Service Center for information on licenses that may be available to you. See more.

State Parks

Disabled veterans with 70% or greater disability may receive waivers of vehicle admission and trail pass fees to Wisconsin state parks. See more.

The Outlet Shoppes at Oshkosh, Oshkosh

Military Discounts available. See more.


Free Fishing License for Disabled Veterans

50% Disabled Veteran, resident of Wyoming for not less than one year and submit a letter from the VA certifying the 50% level of service-connected disability of the applicant. See more.

Free Hunting and Fishing License for Purple Heart Recipients

Wyoming issues free lifetime game bird, small game and fish licenses to any Wyoming resident purple heart medal recipient. See more.

Free Bird, Small Game, and Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans

100% Disabled Veteran, resident of Wyoming for not less than one year and submit a letter from the VA certifying the 100% level of service-connected disability of the applicant. See more.

Active Duty Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Any Wyoming resident deployed to a combat zone on active duty and is home on leave can get a free resident general elk, resident general deer, resident game bird/small game and resident daily fishing license. See more.

Special Limited Fishing Permit for Hospitalized Veterans

In coordination with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, a free license can be issued by any VA Hospital within Wyoming, Wyoming Department of Health or Wyoming Department of Family Services. Veterans must fish under the direct control of the institution. See more.

Pioneer Veteran Bird, Small Game, and Fishing License

Any Wyoming veteran who is 65 or older and has lived in Wyoming for 30 or more continuous years can receive a Pioneer bird, small game, and fish license for free. See more.

Free State Parks Pass

Current US military members and their dependents in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and Space Force, as well as Reserve and National Guard members, US military veterans, Gold Star Family members. See more.

Auto Discounts for Military

Advance Auto Parts

10% off regularly priced items for in-store purchases to customers who serve or have served our country’s Armed Services. See more.

Amanda Products

With a valid U.S. military ID, get 10% off Amanda Products. Offer is valid to active duty U.S. personnel and veterans. See more.

Ameraguard Truck Accessories

With proof of service, U.S. military personnel can get exclusive discounts at Ameraguard Truck Accessories. See more.

Anthem Wheels

Active and veteran U.S. armed forces members can get a 15% discount to Anthem Off-Road Wheels by verifying proof of military service. See more.

Audi of America

Get special offers and benefits exclusively available to overseas US military personnel via Audi’s Military Sales Program. Visit their website for more info. See more.

Auto Accessories Garage

Active U.S. military members and veterans can get an exclusive discount of up to 20% off at AutoAccessoriesGarage.com. Offer is available with a military email address or valid military ID. See more.


Apply to Bell Bicycling and Motorcycle Helmets’ Pro Deal Program to enjoy exclusive military member discounts. See more.


Active, deployed U.S. military members can enjoy exclusive discounts from BMW North America. Contact your local BMW dealer for more information. See more.


Active Duty members, Reserves, Veterans and Retirees – including their immediate families – of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, and National Guard receive a discount. See more.


Chevy offers a special military discount rate to active duty and retired military service members and their spouses. Valid ID is required. See more.


Get exclusive rebates and affordable financing deals on Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles through the Chrysler Military Program. Applies to Active Duty, Active Reserved, Retired Military, Retired Military Reserve and Veterans. See more.

Cycle Gear

Active duty or retired military personnel get a 10% discount. Contact 1-800-292-5343. See more.


Active Military Personnel & Reservists Serving on Active Duty, Veterans separated within the last 180 days, Retirees, Spouse/Surviving spouse, or other household members are eligible for a $500.00 Bonus Cash Offer good toward the purchase or lease of an eligible new recent model year Ford vehicle. See more.


Harley Davidson has special stateside military financing including no down payment, reduced rates and flexible term options designed specifically for active duty military personnel. See more.


$500 additional bonus towards purchase or lease. For Active Duty, Reservist/National Guard, Veteran and Retired U.S. Military Personnel. See more.

General Motors

Get a military discount on select vehicle purchases. Proof of purchase is verified using ID.me. See more.


Receive exclusive new vehicle pricing with their Vehicle Purchase Program. Special pricing varies by month. Must be Active Duty or Reserve and their dependents (spouse or domestic partner) US Military includes: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard. See more.

KC Hilities

U.S. military personnel on active duty get 20% discount code. Online verification is required. See more.

Lincoln Motor Company

Exclusive X-Plan Pricing for Veterans Advantage Members with a VetRewards Card. See more.


Meineke franchises offer discounts to military members on select services. Discounts and qualified services vary by location. See more.


Mitsubishi Motors offers up to $750 military rebate on select models. Contact your local dealer for the availability of offer. See more.

Morris 4×4

Active duty military members and veterans can get a 5% discount (no minimum) plus free shipping from select Moris 4×4 dealers. Verify eligibility online. See more.


Receive exclusive new vehicle pricing with their Vehicle Purchase Program. Special pricing varies by month. Includes Active and Reserve US Military, Retired Military, Veterans discharged from active service within the past year, and their spouses and partners. See more.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

All O’Reilly Auto Parts stores provide a 10% discount off retail price for most items, some exceptions are motor oil, antifreeze, sale items and special orders. The discount is extended to in-store purchases for active duty and reserve members of the military, retired service members and veterans. The immediate family members of an active duty service member or veteran, who possess a Department of Defense issued dependent ID card (DD form 1173 or 1173-1) are also eligible to receive our Military Discount. Valid ID is required. The Online Store is unable to offer a Military Discount at this time. See more.

Pep Boys Military Discount

Military Veterans receive a 10% discount when they present their military or veteran ID at purchase. See more.


Subimods offers exclusive discounts to active and retired military personnel. Email [email protected] using your work email to claim this offer. See more.


Tirebuyer.com offers a 7% discount to active, retired. and veteran military personnel who verify using Troop ID. See more.

TopGear Autosport

Active duty and veteran military members with valid ID receive a discount on auto products. Claim by calling 833-343-4343, chatting live with a rep or by sending an email to [email protected]See more. 


Toyota Financial Services (TFS) is offering all eligible U.S. military personnel and their families a $500 reward for their courage and commitment to serving our country. See more.


$500 bonus on select new Volkswagen vehicle.. See more.


Car Rental Discounts for Military

Volvo’s military savings promotions change often, see site for the latest offer. See more.

Members of the military and their families receive discounted rates through Alamo Car Rental. Those traveling on military orders also receive a Collision Damage Waiver and no additional driver fees. See more.

Alamo Car Rental

Avis Car Rental

Up to 25% off base rates for veterans and military families. See more.

Budget Car Rental

Use the U.S. Government & Military leisure BCD number V053905 when booking, you will save up to 25% off base rates on your rental. See more.

Budget Truck Rental

US Military personnel, traveling with orders save 20%. Use discount code USMIO. See more.


Veterans, active duty military, National Guard and Reserve and their families may get amazing discounts in car rentals, as well as fee waivers and other membership rewards. This applies to Veterans Advantage card holders. See more.

Enterprise Car Rental

Enterprise offers military discounts through USAA and VFW. See more.

Hertz Rental Cars

Members of the military receive discounted rates and unlimited mileage through Hertz Rental Cars. Free upgrades are also offered if space is available. See more.

National Car Rental

National offers discounted rates for U.S. Government travelers on official business with authorized travel orders. Benefits include full Loss Damage Waiver, and no fee for additional drivers or underage drivers. Special off-duty leisure travel rates are also available. See more.

Penske Truck Rentals

Book a one-way rental online for an automatic 10% off. Show military or Veteran ID when you pick up your truck for an additional 10% off. OR, if you are a AAA member: Book a one-way rental online for an automatic 10% off and get 12% off the daily rate for one-way local truck rentals. See more.

Park Ride Fly USA

Airport parking discounts to all Veterans, Armed Forces personnel and their families. See more.


Federal government and military personnel can get discounts and other perks on car rentals. See more.

Clothing & Shoe Discounts for Military

Allen Edmonds

In thanks, we would like to offer military members and veterans a 15% discount. See more.

American Giant

20% off active duty, reservists, National Guard, veterans, and military family members. See more.

Armed Forces Gear

10% to past and present military and their spouses and immediate families. See more.

Bates Footwear

IDme-Verified Military members get 15% off orders at Batesfootwear.com. Not valid on sale products, Prodeal purchases, prior purchases, gift cards or e-cards or purchases from retail stores or other websites. Cannot be combined with any other coupon or discount. See more.


We are proud to offer a military discount to our active-duty men and women and our veterans! We are immensely proud of the service they provide and know how important it is to keep them looking fresh in great clothes. You can receive a 20% discount for five orders over the course of a year. See more.


Active Duty and veteran shoppers can receive 10% off their purchase at Buckle.com after completing verification through SheerID. Select the “Military Discount” link on the shopping bag page. See more.


Active Duty, Veterans, Retirees, Military Spouses and Military Family Members get a 10% discount on apparel and accessories. See more.


Carters.com offer free shipping on orders over $50 to all APO and FPO shipping addresses. Free standard shipping applies automatically to orders of $50 or more at checkout. Same APO/FPO free shipping offer applies to orders placed on Osh Kosh B’Gosh. See more.


Active duty, military veterans, and their dependents may receive 10% off their order after verifying their military affiliation through Troop ID. This offers includes all their brands including Hanes and JustMySize. See more.

Champs Sports

To thank you for your service, we offer 15% off most online and store purchases. See more.

Cole Haan

Veterans and active duty get 20% off. See more.

Columbia Sportswear

Columbia offers a 10 percent military discount on online orders. Offer is valid for active duty military, retirees, veterans, military spouses, and dependents. Verification is completed using Troop ID. Veterans may also present a valid military ID to receive a discount in store. See more.


Military, student or first responder, enjoy a 10% discount on their total purchase. See more.


10% off + free Shipping on orders over $40 to Military, First Responders and their spouses and immediate families. See more.

Foot Action

Serving, or have served, in the US military, may qualify you for a 15% discount on your purchase through SheerID. See more.

Foot Locker

Active military and veterans receive 15% off most purchases. Discount applies to Kid Foot Locker as well. See more.

Gel Pro

GelPro is offering 25% off to those who honorably served or are currently serving our country. See more.


Currently serving members of the military, veterans, and mil dependents can receive 10% off by verifying their affiliation through Troop ID. Maximum allowed discount is $10 per order. See more.


10% Military discount for Active Duty, Retirees, Veterans, Military Spouses, and Military Family Members. See more.

Jelly Bean Quilts

10% off orders of multiple memory quilts. Contact for information on a military discount. See more.


10% off to active military, veterans and their families. See more.

Karen Kane

Military personnel can enjoy 20% off every purchase on KarenKane.com. See more.

KEEN Footwear

Offers a 50% discount to active duty military and military spouses through the KEEN Pro program. Apply on the website to receive discount. See more.


Get a Kohl’s 15% military discount by presenting a valid US military ID in selected Kohl’s branches nationwide. Not all Kohl’s participate. See more.

Lady Foot Locker

This offer is limited to four SheerID verifications on a rolling 30-day basis and up to a $100 maximum military discount per verification. See more.


As a way to say thank you to all our health care workers and first responders working tirelessly during this time, we are increasing our ID.me discount to 20%. See more.


10% to military or first responders and their spouses and immediate families with TroopID. See more.

NBA Store

15% to Military or First Responders and their spouses and immediate families. See more.

NFL Shop

What discount do you offer? NFLShop.com is proud to offer a discount of 15% to select customers who have served our country in the Military or as First Responders and their spouses and immediate families. See more.

New York & Company

30% off in-store purchases for military members, veterans and their families with Troop ID. See more.


Active, veteran, retired and reservist U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard personnel are eligible to receive a 10% Nike military discount on Nike.com and at Nike, Converse and Hurley stores in the United States (excluding Nike Company/Employee Stores). See more.

Old Navy

Every Monday Old Navy gives you 10% off your total purchase with valid Military ID! Just show your ID at check-out for your savings. See more.

Payless ShoeSource

American military personnel and their immediate family members get 10 percent off on all in-store purchases nationwide and in Puerto Rico. See more.

Rack Room Shoes

10% military discount to active-duty military personnel and their dependents every Tuesday plus on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day. See more.


Military members: 20% off your purchase, first access to new products & exclusive offers, a special birthday gift and news about local events. See more.

Sperry Boat Shoes & Clothing

Military officials are eligible to join the Sperry VIP program. See more.


TOMS offers a 10% discount to all who serve our country. See more.


Military members receive a 10% discount in Torrid stores or by calling to place an order with a Torrid Personal Shopper. See more.

Tread Labs

10% discount program for active service military personnel, veterans and their families. See more.

Under Armour

Under Armour proudly offers 20%* off all purchases for all Active Duty Service Members, Retirees, Veterans, Military Spouses, Military Family Members. You can use your discount while shopping on UA.com, UA App, UA Brand House, and 10% discount at UA Factory House by verifying your eligibility with ID.me. This discount cannot be combined with other promotional codes, sitewide promotions or any gift card purchases. See more.


25% discount to all members of the United States Armed Forces, all Veterans, and all Military Family Members. See more.

Wilson’s Leather

Military personnel and their spouses get 10% off on clothes, accessories and other merchandise. See more.


10% discount to active duty and veterans using TroopID. See more.

Electronic Discounts for Military


Government Purchase Program available. See more.

Audio Geeks

Active Duty, Veterans, Retirees, Reservists and Dependents receive a 15% discount. Use promo code USMIL15 at checkout. See more.

Best Buy

Best Buy military discounts are available at some locations, typically 10% off. Call ahead and ask. Best Buy offers half off Geek Squad services for military families. See more.


Military members get $25 off $250 with TroopID. See more.

Data Vision

Special discounts available to U.S. military members. Valid ID is required. See more.


We proudly salute our military and their families with savings of 10% off PCs and electronics. See more.


U.S. military personnel, veterans, and their immediate family members get a 10% discount. Online verification is required. See more.


Members of the military can get 15% on select iRobot products plus free shipping on all robot orders. Verify through ID.me. See more.


We are proud to offer active U.S. military members, reservists, veterans and immediate family exceptional discounts sitewide. See more.


Microsoft Store offers 10% discount on select products for active, former, and retired military personnel and their families. Restrictions apply. See more.

My Alarm Center

Current and veteran members of the U.S. military can get up to $150 credit and a monthly subscription fee of $34.99. Restrictions apply. See more.

My Nerds

My Nerds offers all U.S. military veterans, active duty servicemembers, and retired military a discount of $20.00 off of any remote PC service. NERDS stands for “Network Enhanced Remote Desktop Support” and offers 24/7, all U.S. based tech support. See more.

New Egg

Newegg offers military customers access to Newegg Premier for free for one year. This includes expedited shipping, exclusive deals, free returns, rushed processing, no restocking fees and 50% off shipping an APO address. See more.



Military service members and veterans can get a 10% discount plus other benefits from 23andMe when they verify using ID.me. See more.

Apex Learning Virtual School

Military members and their families receive a 15% discount that can be used on tuition for their full-time high school academy or on individual course enrollments. Contact 855-550-2547 for more information. See more.

Berklee School of Music

Get a world-class musical education at a lower price and a more flexible schedule. Active duty and veteran military personnel get a 20% tuition fee discount, on top of available tuition assistance program for military students or GI Bill benefits for veterans. For more details, send an email to [email protected] or call 1-866-BERKLEE. See more.

California Southern University

California Southern University offers a discount of 15% off tuition to active-duty military, veterans and their dependents. See more.

Demarle Inc.

To access this discount, please bring a copy of a military ID or other proof that a family member has served or is serving. See more.

Elite IT

Up to 20% Discount for Military Service. See more.

HeartMath Institute

Military service members, veterans and their families can get a 30% discount on products from the HeartMath Institute Web Store. Send an email to [email protected] or call (800) 711-6221 to request a discount code. See more.

Keystone School

Keystone is honored to serve U.S. military families. Active duty military families with military ID cards are eligible for the Keystone Military Discount of 15% reduction on tuition for all members enrolled in the Keystone School. See more.

Lee University

Active and retired military members who want to enroll in select online degrees can apply for a discounted tuition rate of $250/hour. Veterans can also apply for benefits in educational assistance (source). Terms and conditions apply. See more.

Liberty University

Qualified online military students and military spouses (as defined by Liberty University) are eligible to receive a discount on the cost of tuition upon submission of qualifying military documentation. Additionally, online students who are on Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard status, may be eligible to have the $249 technology fee waived. See more.

Outward Bound

Free Outdoor Adventure Programs available to U.S. veterans and active duty service members. Valid proof of service is required for enrollment. See more.

Regent University

Regent University offers significant military and veteran college benefits in the form of tuition discounts and bookstore vouchers. See more.

Saint Joseph’s University

If you have completed at least one year of full-time service in an established volunteer service organization, you are eligible for a 20% tuition discount, with no application fee, on all master’s level graduate degree and certificate programs. See more.

Trident University

Trident is pleased to offer members of the armed services a Military Education Grant. Trident’s Military Education Grant provides service members with a tuition reduction. See more.

Tutor.com Free Tutoring for Military Families

Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and National Guard and Reserve military families can receive free online tutoring. See website for details. See more.

The Word Among Us

Active duty military members get a free 2-year digital subscription. Reservists and veterans can save 80% off a 2-year digital subscription. Verify eligibility through SheerID. See more.


AMC Movie Theatres

Participating AMC Movie Theatres offer ticket discounts to active duty and retired military personnel. Valid military ID must be presented at the box office. See more.

Cinemark Movie Theaters

Active military members may get discounted rates upon presenting valid active duty military ID at the ticket booth of selected theaters nationwide. Different terms may apply at each location. See more.


The availability of discounted military tickets is controlled by each individual theater, not by Fandango. To see if any discounts are being offered for your theater for purchases made via Fandango, click on a red show time to begin the purchase process. All available ticket categories will be displayed on the subsequent page. Look for ticket categories labeled “military discount” or similarly named categories which would indicate a specially priced ticket. Also, not all theaters that offer military discounts make them available through Fandango. See more.

Ford’s Theater

Active duty and veteran members of the U.S. military can purchase discounted tickets at Ford’s Theatre. Exclusions apply. Use promo code MILITARY19. See more.

Horseshoe Casino

Military personnel get discounts on food, drinks, and valet service every Tuesday from 7AM to midnight. ID is required. See more.

Marcus Theatres

Active and retired members of the U.S. military are eligible for special pricing of only $7.50 at participating Marcus Theatre locations. Valid ID is required. See more.

SiriusXM Radio

Current and former military service members (including their dependents) get a 25% lifetime discount. Restrictions apply. See more.

Showcase Cinemas

A military discount to all active-duty personnel and their dependents. The special military program pricing is $7.00 for general admission and $5.00 for matinees and children. Appropriate Active Service ID must be presented at the theatre box office to receive a military discount. Movie theaters are located in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, New York and Rhode Island. See more.


Submit a wish list for tickets. Vettix accepts tax-deductible ticket donations from individuals and companies, then donates them to veterans for free through the Hero’s Wish program. Other discounts are available as well. See more.

Fitness Discounts for Military

24 Hour Fitness

Active and reserve U.S. military personnel can get a free 3-day gym pass at 24 Hour Fitness. They are also eligible for free initial fee plus $5 off monthly dues on select basic gym memberships. Valid ID is required. See more.


The Military Waiver Program waives the Coach Business Service Fee (BSF) for military veterans, reservists or active duty service members. Qualifying coaches also get a reimbursement of the Business Starter Kit (BSK) fee. As long as a coach meets the requirements and Beachbody continues the program, the waiver remains in effect indefinitely. See more.


Use ID10ME at checkout for 10% off. See more.

CVS Pharmacy

CVS offers a 20% discount on every order plus free shipping to Veterans Advantage members. See more.


Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis.org is offering a 20% discount on select training courses to active duty military members and veterans. Register by calling 469-969-2176 or 800-965-3390. See more.

Just Walkers

JustWalkers.com offers free shipping of mobility aid equipment to active and retired military service members, including their dependents. Verify proof of service online. See more.

Massage Envy

Massage Envy’s military discount program offers up to $60 on savings a year for all active service members. Available at participating locations only. See more.


Active duty military members get a 15% discount. Discount is automatically applied when shipping to an APO/FPO/DPO address. Otherwise, send an email to [email protected] and provide your proof of service. See more.

Pure Formulas

10%* Military discount off purchases for Active Duty Members, Retirees, Veterans, Spouses, Dependents, as well as a 10% First Responder Discount for active Police, Fire and EMT. See more.


U.S. veterans, active duty military members and retirees can get 20% off select orders at Qardio. Proof of service is required at checkout. See more.


Military service members and veterans receive a 25% discount on REDCON1 products. Verify online. See more.

Tommie Copper

15% off of military (active or retired) or a first responder with verification. See more.

Tough Mudder Events

To honor all the men and women who have served our country, Tough Mudder is proud to offer up to 25% off the participant registration price to current and former US military. See more.


UFC Gyms in participating areas offer a complimentary 30-day gym pass for active duty and retired military personnel. Proof of military service is required. See more.

Weight Crafters

We would like to extend military members discounted rates on our weight loss camp programs. See more.

Wellness Mats

Eligible U.S. military personnel can receive a 25% discount at participating Wellness Mats Retail locations. Verify through SheerID or visit your local store. See more.


YMCA centers that participate in the Military Outreach Initiative offer free and discounted memberships and child care for military families. See more.

Flowers & Gifts Discounts for Military

1-800 Flowers

Veterans can save 20% on flowers and gifts by going to 1800flowers.com and using the promo code: MILITARYUSA. In addition, through Veterans Advantage both current and former service members are eligible to save 30%. Just use the promo code VETERAN4 along with your VetRewards Card Member ID. Veterans Advantage Immediate Family members can save 25% with promo code VETERAN3. See more.

The Bro Basket

12% off for all active and former service members. See more.


When nothing says it better than a grand gesture, get a free banner or jumbo card to show some big love for troops at home and overseas. See more.


Cheryl’s Cookies offers free shipping to all APO and FPO addresses. See more.

Coffee for Less

Active duty and retired military, veterans and military spouses get a 10% online discount. Verify eligibility using Troop ID. See more.

DeCicco Family Market

Members of the military receive a Veteran’s Discount at participating DeCicco Family Market stores. See more.

New Seasons Market

Active duty military personnel and veterans receive 10% on most items every Tuesday at New Seasons Market. Valid only in participating stores. See more.

Old Time Candy

OldTimeCandy.com offers free shipping to all APO and FPO addresses. See more.

Project Evergreen

Project Evergreen offers complimentary lawn & landscape services through their GreenCare program and snow & ice removal services through their SnowCare Program to families of active-duty U.S. military personnel. See more.

Man Crates Care Packages

Military families save 10% with verification through Troop ID. Man Crates ships to APO/FPO and overseas. See more.


Former and current United States military receive a 10% storewide discount on fine personalized gifts, personalized stationery gifts & gifts for business. Please provide proof of service to receive this offer. Shipping available to APO addresses. See more.

Food & Wine Discounts for Military

Costco Wholesale

Join Costco as a new member and receive a $20 Costco Shop Card. See more.


U.S. military personnel can get a 15% discount from Enfamil when by verify their ID online. Offer can only be used once per day. See more.

Hickory Farms

Send gifts to APO and FPO addresses, shipping is free. See more.

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks offers a 10 percent military discount on online orders, for active-duty military, retirees, veterans, military spouses, and dependents. Verification is completed using Troop ID. See more.

Sam’s Club

Get a free $10 gift card! See more.

Superior Nut

Use the coupon code “military” for a 10% discount, when you shop online by clicking the “Nut Gift Selection” option. See more.

Texas de Brazil

Military members and veterans are offered a 20% discount off the regular or salad only dinner/lunch price. Good for up to 8 guests per table/reservation. Please show valid ID. Offer cannot be combined with another offer, and cannot be used on restaurant holidays (Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving & New Year’s Eve). See more.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market offers a free membership (a $59.95 value) to US military veterans and their families who apply. Veterans can save money on the world’s best healthy products for a full year. See more.

Health & Beauty Discounts for Military

AC Lens

Active duty military members and veterans receive 10% off contact lenses purchased through AC Lens. The promo code MILITARY must be entered during checkout in order to receive the discount. See more.

Armed Forces Eyewear

Discounts are offered on eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, for active duty and retired military members, and their families. See more.


Active duty and retired military service members including their families receive a 5% off order at Coolframes.com when they verify through ID.me. Restrictions apply. See more.

CVS Pharmacy

We’re honored to care for America’s veterans through the MinuteClinic. See more.

Eyemart Express

All military personnel and family members are welcome to enjoy an exclusive 20% off discount. Just show us any valid military ID at check out. See more.

Group Health Eye Care

Savings for Your Service – 20% Military Personnel & Veteran Discount. See more.

Kaiser Permanente Eye Care

Kaiser Permanente Eye Care, Washington offers a 20% discount on prescription eyewear to active and retired military service members with valid ID. Restrictions apply. See more.


A 20% discount for LASIK is available to military personnel and veterans at all 50 locations nationwide. See more.

Oakley Standard Issue

Active and retired military service members get exclusive reduced prices. Proof of military service is required. See more.

The Original Foot Alignment Socks

Active duty, veterans, retirees, and military dependents are eligible to receive 50% off their order of foot alignment socks to help relieve foot pain. See more.

SmartBuy Glasses USA

Military members can get a 10% discount code on select orders. Online verification is required. See more.


Military service members get a 15% discount on all purchases. See more.

Sunglass Hut

Active duty and retired military, veterans, military spouses and family members get a 15% discount. Verify with ID.me. See more.

Home & Garden Discounts for Military

Armor Concepts

If you are an active military service or service veteran, please accept a 25% discount on everything in our store. See more.

Bear Mattress

Bear Mattress offers a 15% discount to military members, veterans, and their family members. Verify eligibility through ID.me. See more.

DEKOR Lighting

Here at DEKOR, we appreciate the hard work and sacrifices of our military and first responders. We’d like to say “Thank You” by offering a 10% discount on your orders. See more.

EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops and SnowCare for Troops

Complimentary lawn and landscape services, and snow and ice removal services for the families of deployed military personnel, and post 9/11 disabled veterans. See more.


Current and former U.S. military service members get 30% off E-Z UP Instant Shelter products and other accessories when they register online. See more.


Military members can receive 15%. To receive this discount, verify your military status with SheerID and upon approval, you will receive a unique, one-time use promo code that can be redeemed during checkout and applied to your cart total. See more.


Gelpro is offering a 25% discount to active duty and retired service members, veterans, and military family members. Online verification through SheerID is required. See more.

Home Depot

The Home Depot Foundation will provide free admission to veterans during Veteran’s Day weekend in November to The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, with 20% off admission for up to five guests. The Foundation has also sponsored free admission for the general public on Human Rights Day in December 2021. This partnership will continue into 2022. See more.

Home for Heroes

Homes for Heroes offers exclusive savings on new home purchases as well as refinancing options to members of the U.S. Military. See more.


Active or retired military personnel and veterans with valid ID can get a 10% discount on select Husqvarna lawn products. Contact your local dealer for availability. See more.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Military service members and their eligible family members can receive a 10% discount. Present proof of your military service, past or present, or a Military Dependent ID upon checkout to receive discount. Offer includes regular, sale-priced and even clearance items. See more.


Lowes offers a regular 10% military discount to all active-duty military personnel and veterans every day. The Lowes discount also applies online and includes free parcel shipping. You must sign up online for the Lowe’s personal shopping card to qualify for the discount. This is not a credit card but they do use a third party to verify eligibility. Spouses and dependent children up to age 18 can also get the discount. Although they can’t sign up online the MYLowes account is shared by a household. Once the service member signs up it can be linked to a spouse. See more.

McCoy’s Building Supply

McCoy’s is offering a 10% year-round discount to eligible active-duty military members and veterans, plus an extended discount during Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. Certain limitations apply. See more.


Currently serving military personnel, military retirees, and their immediate family can receive 15% off every day. Offer valid in-store only. Please show valid ID to store associate. See more.


Free Club O Gold membership for military veterans or active duty servicemembers. Membership benefits include 5% reward dollars on every purchase, free shipping every day of the year and extra reward dollars on select products. Verification is through Troop ID. See more.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club offers $30 rewards plus other benefits to former and active duty military service members with valid ID. Restrictions apply. See more.


Extra 10% Off Regular, Sale and Clearance for Military, Veterans. See more.


15% off discount on paints, stains and painting Supplies to those who are currently serving, reservists or have served in the military plus their spouses. See more.

Yankee Candle

Military personnel and immediate family receive a 10 percent discount. Present a valid form of military ID at checkout in retail and outlet stores. For online orders, military should email or fax a copy of their order confirmation to [email protected] to receive the discount. See more.


YETI is proud to offer special pricing for military members who go the extra mile in their jobs, and deserve gear that does too. See more.

Insurance & Finance Discounts for Military

America First Credit Union

Military personnel who apply for savings accounts or credit card services may receive special discounts and offers. Proof of service is required. See more.


Pay 15% less than regular insurance premiums if you are an active duty or retired member of the military, or a member of the National Guard or Reserves. See more.

U.S. military service personnel, including veterans and Delayed Entry Program members, can get exclusive benefits and discounts when applying for an NFCU savings account. See more.


Taxslayer offers a free Classic edition federal tax return that works for all devices. Benefits include real time tax refund calculator, free consultation, step-by-step deduction guide, and all major tax forms and schedules. Military ID is required. See more.


Turbotax offers free federal and state tax filing for military service members who rank E-1 through E-5, and a $5 discount for federal tax filing for rank E-6 and above. Military ID is required. See more.


Toolbarn is offering a 5% discount on select items to active duty and reserve military, retirees, and veterans. Verify eligibility online. See more.


USAA provides discounted auto, home and life insurance to military members and veterans. Since the insurance is only available to those who have served in the military, no additional military discounts are offered. See more.

Watermark Title Agency

U.S. veterans can get a $150 discount on title closing costs from Watermark via partnership with Homes for Heroes. Contact 952-873-7474 or send an email to [email protected]See more.

Miscellaneous Discounts for Military

A Story Before Bed

Military members facing deployment are eligible to receive a free recordable storybook. See more.

Award Tech Remote PC Specialist

10% discount on computer support services for Active Duty, Veterans, Retirees and Reservists. Acceptable ID includes a .mil email address or honor system. No military discount website information available, submitted by business to Military Benefits. See more.

Holt’s Cigars

Active Military, Veterans and Retirees, National Guard members and Reservists may receive a 10% discount online and over the phone. Verification is through SheerID. See more.


Free shipping is available to all active and retired military and their dependents who fax in or email a copy of an acceptable form of ID. JustWalkers.com will credit the standard shipping charge back to eligible military customers. See more.

Active duty and retired military personnel may qualify for a ¼ % APR discount on selected loans. Call 1-888-842-6328 or visit your nearest NFCU branch. Offer is not available for online applications. See more.

Operation Love Reunited

Photographers partner with this organization to provide free photo shoots for military members and their loved ones before or after a deployment. See more.

Rosetta Stone

Offers an undisclosed discount for Active Duty Military. Enter information to gain access to the discount, or compare to offers listed on the Exchange website. See more.

Restaurant Discounts for Military

99 Restaurant & Pub

The 99 Restaurant & Pub offers a 10% discount every day to active duty and retired military service members. Present valid ID to your server. Restrictions apply. See more.

Burger King

Some participating locations offer 10% discounts, check with the store first. Typically you must present a valid military ID. See more.

Boston Market

Veterans Advantage members to receive a 20% discount at all Boston Market® locations. See more.

Buffalo Wild Wings

We invite all veterans and active-duty military members to join us at their local B-Dubs restaurant on Nov. 11 for some wings on the house. See more.

Chevy Fresh Mex

20% discount varies by location for active and reserve duty. Dine in uniform or present identification. See more.


Many Chick-fil-A locations offer 10% discounts, always check with the store first. Typically you must present a valid military ID. See more.

Cicis Pizza

Military discounts vary by location. Contact your local store for availability. See more.

Dairy Queen

Military Mondays 15% discount except for special promo menu and cakes. See more.

El Pollo Loco

15% discount (maximum value of $1.50) to police officers, firefighters, EMTs, federal law enforcement agents, and military personnel. See more.

Lonestar Steakhouse & Saloon

All veterans and active-duty personnel get a 20% discount every Monday, and 10% off every other day. See more.


Discounts vary by location but range from 10-15% off for those who present a military ID. See more.

Golden Corral Buffet

Current and former members of the U.S. military are eligible for a free dinner at participating Golden Corral branches as part of their Military Appreciation Night. See more.

Medieval Times

Medieval Times offers discounted ticket prices and free royalty upgrade to military personnel. Can be claimed at participating U.S. bases or by verifying through ID.me. Restrictions apply. See more.

Omaha Steaks

Military members who verify through ID.me can get a 10% discount from Omaha Steaks. See more.

Outback Steakhouse

We celebrate all military veterans, servicemen and women, with 10% off their entire check all day, every day (with valid state or federal service ID). See more.


15% off for all service men and women in uniform or present a valid ID. Military, Fire, Police and EMT’s in uniform. See more.


Military discounts are offered all year long. For in-store discounts, contact your local franchise. See more.

Retail Discounts for Military

Alpha Industries

All Active Duty, Retired, and Reservist Members of the U.S. Armed Forces Are Eligible to Receive 15% Off Orders (Exclusions Apply). See more.

Antique Jewelry Mall

Active duty and veteran members of the U.S. military can get a 10% discount when they provide a valid military ID or military email address. Free shipping is offered to APO/FPO addresses. See more.

Baby Tula

U.S. military members can get 10% off their online purchase at Baby Tula. During Veteran’s Day, the discount is 20%. See more.

Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops offers a 5% discount to active duty military and reservists. Valid ID must be presented upon checkout at select stores. See more.


Unlock 15% Military Discount with Verify Pass. Valid for…

  • Active Duty (currently serving in the Armed Forces)
  • Veterans (formerly served in the Armed Forces)
  • Dependents (spouse or child of above)

Use your military discount code at the checkout to enjoy 15% off your order. See more.

BN3TH Underwear

Active duty, retired, and veteran members of the military can get a 20% discount on BN3TH.com when they verify through ID.me. See more.

Bob’s Stores

Bob’s Stores Family Apparel & Footwear offers 10% off select purchases to active duty and retired military service members through their Veterans Advantage Program. See more.

Brooklyn Bedding

Get 25% off mattresses and sleep accessories with a valid military ID. Eligibility verified through ID.me. See more.


Active and retired military members can get a 5% discount at participating Cabela’s outlets when they present their proof of service at checkout. Exclusions apply. See more.

Christopher & Banks

Members of the military get 10% off on selected in-store purchases. See more.


Clarks is offering military discounts to active duty, retirees, veterans, and their immediate family members. Verify through ID.me. See more.


While Costco doesn’t offer free or discounted memberships, we do provide an exclusive military offer to join Costco as a new member and receive a $20 Costco Shop Card! See more.


Save 20% every time you shop online at CVS.com. You’ll also receive free shipping on your online orders with a Veterans Advantage card. See more.

Dirt Cheap

Every Monday, active duty, reserve and veteran U.S. military members can get a 10% in-store discount. Use a valid military ID to get savings. See more.

Dagne Dover

U.S. military service members get a 20% discount on Dagne Dover purchases. Discount is available with a valid military email address. See more.

DC Shoes

Veterans, active duty, retired military members and their spouses and dependents get 15% off DC shoes online. Discount available with SheerID. See more.

Eight Sleep

Active duty military, veterans, retired military, spouses and dependents can get 10% off purchases when they verify their military eligibility. See more.


Celebrate your future, current, or former soldier with officially licensed Military wall decals from Fathead. Free shipping on orders over $150! See more.

Goodwill Southern New England

Military service members with valid ID can get a 20% discount every Tuesday. Restrictions apply. See more.

Goodwill Washington

U.S. armed forces personnel can get 10% off their order. Valid ID is required. See more.

Heated Clothing 4 U

Get 15% off regularly priced items at Heated Clothing 4 U with valid military identification. See more.


30% off the original price on all HYLETE orders. See more.


Veterans, active duty military members and their spouses get 15% off at JackThreads by verifying your military ID. See more.

JoAnn Fabric

Current and former military members and eligible family members can get 15% off total purchases at JoAnn Fabric by showing valid ID at checkout. Exclusions apply. See more.

Joe Bob Outfitters

Active and retired U.S. military can enjoy a 5% discount with a special military promo code. See more.


U.S. military can get a 10% discount by signing up for a Jolyn account and verifying their military ID. See more.

Just My Size

Active U.S. military members and veterans can enjoy a 10% discount online with Just My Size. See more.


Active duty and retired service members can get 15% off in-store purchases at Michaels Craft & Supplies. See more.

Murse World

Get 10% off your purchase at Murse World with by validating your military ID. Offer valid for U.S. military members, veterans and spouses. See more.

National Tuxedo Rentals

Enjoy 5% off tuxedo rentals with a valid military ID at National Tuxedo Rentals. Discount available to active or reserve U.S. military, retirees and veterans. See more.

New Balance

Create a New Balance account with your military email address to take advantage of a 10% U.S. military discount. See more.

Office Depot/Office Max

Exclusive 20% discount to Veterans Advantage members for in-store and online purchases. See more.


Active duty and retired U.S. military members can enjoy 10% off online orders with valid ID. See more.

OshKosh B’Gosh

Get free shipping for online orders more than $50. Discount available to all APO and FPO shipping addresses. See more.


Get a 15% discount to military service when you verify through SheerID. Exclusions apply. See more.


Members of the U.S. military can get a 30% discount from Reebok when they verify their status using ID.me. See more.


Members of the U.S. armed forces can verify with SheerID to receive a 15% discount on select online purchases. Exclusions apply. See more.


US Healthcare Workers and First Responders Receive 30% Off Every Purchase. See more.

Saddleback Leather Co.

We give Military (Active/Retired/Veteran) a 10% discount as a small way of saying thank you for our safety and protection. It’s done through a 3rd party verification site called VerifyPass. To learn about VerifyPass, check them out here. See more.


Enjoy 15% off in-store and online purchases at Shinola. Active duty military and veterans are both eligible with a valid ID. See more.

Southern Tide

With a valid U.S. military ID, active duty service members, veterans and spouses can get 20% at Southern Tide. See more.

Vineyard Vines

With a valid U.S. military ID, you can get 15% off a Vineyardvines.com purchase. Offer is valid for active duty, retired and veteran U.S. military personnel. See more.

Yankee Candle

Active and retired U.S. military personnel can get 10% off in-store. Proof of military service is required for in-store purchases. You can email [email protected] for online orders. See more.

Service Discounts for Military

Hypnosi Discounts for Militarys.org

Interested in a career in hypnosis? Apply for a hypnosis certification course and get a 20% discount if you are an active duty or veteran military personnel. Call 714-258-8380 or 800-965-3390 to register. See more.

Massage Envy Military Discount Program

All active military personnel can now join Massage Envy at a savings. Just ask your franchise location for details. See more.

Sitter City

Members of the military may receive a discount if they contact Sitter City directly online at support.sittercity.com or by email at [email protected]See more.

Sports Clips

Many of our locations offer discounts for military, but discounts can vary in amount and by location. We recommend using our store locator to contact the store about their military discount. See more.

Shipping & Storage

Cube Smart

Are you an active military member and looking for discount storage? At CubeSmart, we’re thankful for your service. To show it, we’re offering a 5% discount in addition to any other specials or promotions available on your storage unit. All you need to do is present your military ID when you move into your unit. That’s it! See more.


Lowe’s offers a 10% military discount every day to current and honorably discharged members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Simply sign up for a MyLowes card for quick and easy identification. See more.

Man Crates

Military families can save 10% on select orders that will be delivered to APO & FPO addresses. See more.

Penske Truck Rentals

Use code: MILITARY* to receive a 10% discount off your truck rental. See more.


Military members and veterans are eligible for discounted storage rates through PODS. See more.

RightSpace Storage

Military active-duty members and veterans are offered a special 1st-month offer + rate if you reserve online plus a 5% discount thereafter until you vacate. 5% off is also valid in-store and at all U.S. locations. See more.


Whether you need your vehicle transported for military relocation or for personal use, you can get a $25 discount on car transportation fees. See more.

SMARTBOX Portable Storage & Moving

Active Duty members of the U.S. military can receive $20 off their order using the promo code: MILOFF20 See more.

United States Postal Service (USPS)

The Postal Service offers a discounted price of $20.40 on its largest Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. The price includes a $1.50 per box discount for mail sent to APO/FPO/DPO (Air/Army Post Office/Fleet Post Office/Diplomatic Post Office) destinations worldwide. See more.

Zippy Shell

Zippy Shell offers storage and moving services to active duty U.S. military service members. Contact your local franchise. See more.

Sporting Goods & Equipment

Bass Pro Shops

Military Discount Days at Outdoor World retail stores are for one week, beginning the 15th of every month, active duty and retired military members receive a 10% discount. Some items, such as reels and firearms, are not included. See more.

Bell Bicycling and Motorcycle Helmets

Get VIP status through an exclusive “Pro Deal Program” for power sports industry professionals, active military and public service officials including police and fire. The program offers an exclusive discount on Bell products, apparel and accessories to outdoor industry professionals who includes shop employees, retails sales associates, shop owners, mechanics, manufacturers, athletes, media and more. See more.


Cabela’s Legendary Salute offers a 5% discount every day to active and retired military, active reservists and VA recipients. Must show military ID at checkout. See more.

East Bay

To thank you for your service, we offer 15% OFF most online and store purchases. See more.

Modell’s Sporting Goods

All Military Service Members and First Responders receive a 10% discount. See more.

Profox Racing

Adrenaline junkies can get 10% discounts (plus free shipping within the US!) on regular-priced racing gear and accessories. This offer is available for Active Duty, veteran, reserve, Coast Guard, National Guard, retired and military families. See more.

Taylor Made Golf

15% Military discount off the entire purchase for Active Duty, Retirees, Veterans, Military Spouses, Military Family Members. You will see your discount reflected while shopping Taylor Made Golf, Adidas Golf, Ashworth Golf or Adams Golf and after verifying your eligibility with ID.me. This discount cannot be combined with other promotional codes and some exclusions may apply. See more.

Travel & Hotel Discounts for Military

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offers military fares on select flights to active duty service members and their dependents through phone call reservation at 1-800-252-7522. Free check-in of up to 5 bags is also included. Valid military ID is required. See more.

Allegiant Air

Military personnel and their spouses or dependents who provide valid I.D. are eligible for free services including: Free 3 pieces of checked baggage, free oversized checked baggage, 1 free carry-on bag, free boarding pass printing, free seat assignments, 1 free pet in the cabin, an free priority boarding. See more.

American Airlines Cargo

Ship your pets for 50% less than the regular published rates. Active members of the US military forces, as well as their dependents, may avail of this discount, which applies to animal shipping for personal use only. See more.


Get discounted hotel rates in any of 220 branches nationwide. Simply present a valid US military ID upon check-in. See more.


Active-duty U.S. Military save 15% on select routes in California. See more.

Armed Forces Vacation Club

AFVC is a vacation deal club that offers free membership to active and retired military personnel. Club members have access to book $349 week-long resort vacations. Some exclusions may apply. See more.

Atlantis Casino Resort & Spa

Atlantis offers a 15% discount to former and active U.S. service members. A valid photo military-ID is required upon check-in. See more.

Bally’s Hotel and Casino

Bally’s offers exclusive discounts to former and active military service members. Verify eligibility via Troop ID. See more.

Beaches by Sandals

U.S. and Canada Military members and their families save an extra 10% at Beaches resorts. See more.

Best Western

Provides hotel rates based on the U.S. government per diem. Available to military personnel or civilian and government employees on official business or leisure. See more.

Blue Star Museums

Members of the Blue Star Museum program offer free admission to military members and their families from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Visitors must present a military ID for free admission. See more.

Carnival Cruise Lines

Active and retired U.S Military receive reduced rates when they provide proof of service to Carnival’s Interline Desk by email, fax, or snail mail. These documents must be delivered to Carnival within 72 hours unless the cruise is departing in under a week. In that case, proof of service must be received within 24 hours in order for the discount to apply. See more.

Castle Resorts

All military personnel including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and National Guard qualify for special discounted rates saving up to 15%. See more.

Caesar’s Palace

Active duty military members and veterans receive up to a 30% discount on select bookings at Caesar’s Palace hotel. Verify status through ID.me. See more.

Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels offers discounts on select room rates to active duty and retired military personnel with valid ID. Availability of discount varies depending on location. Restrictions apply. See more.

Clipper Vacations, Pacific Northwest travel

Using the promo code HERO while booking online, members of the military and one guest receive discounts on vacation packages in the Pacific Northwest. See more.

Delta Vacations

Plan your next big trip anywhere in the world and save $50 to $200 on your vacation package of choice. All you need is a valid US military email address to get the discount, along with other perks such as discounted flights and bonus mileage points. See more.

Disney Cruise Lines

In honor of the brave men and women who serve this country, Disney Cruise Line is proud to offer special military rates on select Disney cruises. See more.

Disney Parks

We’re saluting active and retired U.S. military personnel by offering Disneyland Resort promotional theme park tickets. See more.

Embassy Suites

Embassy Suites by Hilton offers special rates and exclusive benefits to U.S. military personnel and their families. Valid ID or proof of service is required. See more.

Extended Stay America

Extended Stay America is proud to support this policy and the Department of Defense by offering rates at or below 75% of Per Diem when staying consecutively for 31 nights or more on official travel (based on availability). See more.

Foxwoods Resort & Casino

Foxwoods Resort & Casino offers a 15% discount on hotel room bookings for active and retired military service members with valid ID. Restrictions apply. See more.

Great Wolf Lodge

Military (active, retired and veteran), fire, emergency medical service personnel, 911 dispatchers, police and correctional officers save up to 30% with valid ID. See more.


Get a 10% discount on fares for you and your family if you are either active duty or retired US military personnel. Other terms may apply. See here for Veterans. See more.

Hampton Inn & Suites

Hampton offers exclusive hotel rates and benefits to military employees. Available in participating locations only. Bring valid ID. See more.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Hilton offers a 10% discount on hotel room rates to members of the U.S. military and their families. Valid ID is required upon check-in. Restrictions apply. See more.

Howard Johnson’s

The government discount program at participating Howard Johnson hotels offers rates within the allowable per diem, including all appropriate taxes to government employees. See more.

Hyatt Hotels

U.S. veterans, active duty armed service members and their immediate family members can save 10-15% off the standard rate at participating Hyatt hotels in the U.S. See more.

Jellystone Parks

We are so proud of our military and their families! You have made an extraordinary sacrifice and we want to say thank you with special military camping discounts. You will find a list of Jellystone Park campgrounds that give military discounts at this link: See more.


JetBlue offers special discounts, fares, airport assistance, and other services to military veterans and active duty. Vets who are enrolled in Veterans Advantage receive a 5% discount on travel, and there’s also a special military fare class (MIL) for active duty military personnel who are not traveling on orders. You are required to show your DoD Common Access Card in order to receive these special military offers. See more.

KOA Campgrounds

In appreciation of your service to our country, we are offering a 20% discount to all Military Personnel, both Active and Retired. See more.

La Quinta Inns & Suites

While it does not publish its military rates, La Quinta Inns & Suites advertises special rates for members of the military who provide a valid ID. Choose the government rate option when booking online. See more.

LINQ Hotel & Casino

The LINQ Hotel & Casino offers exclusive discounts to former and active military service members. Proof of service is required through Troop ID. See more.

Marriott Hotels

Enjoy up to 50 percent off best available rate in destinations across the USA. See more.

Mermaid Cottages

Active and retired military members get a 5% discount at Mermaid Cottages. Enter the promo code “Military” when booking your reservation. See more.

Motel 6 Military Discount

all active and retired military personnel and their families are eligible for a 10% discount. When booking online, simply click “Military Rate” before selecting your room type and the discount will be automatically applied. See more.

The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass

Available to US military members and their dependents in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, as well as most members of the US Reserves and National Guard. Proper military ID is required (CAC Card or DoD Form 1173). Covers entrance to Fish and Wildlife Service and National Park Service sites that charge Entrance Fees, and Standard Amenity Fees at Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation sites. In addition, most state and federal parks grant free access on Veteran’s Day and other military holidays. See more.

Norwegian Cruise Lines

The military and their families can receive discounts on select cruises. Includes veterans, active duty military, national guard or reserves. See more.

Palms Casino Resort

Valid for room rate discounts at Palms Place. Must present Military ID card or federal government-issued card at check-in to receive discount. See more.

Paris Las Vegas

Salute cardholders are eligible for military hotel discounts when they book online (10% all year) plus they will automatically be upgraded to Caesars Rewards Platinum status. See more.

Park Ride Fly USA

Airport parking discounts to all Veterans, Armed Forces personnel and their families. See more.

Peter Pan

Military discounts require a valid United States military ID presented upon request. See more.

Planet Hollywood Resort

Planet Hollywood Resort offers exclusive discounts to former and active military service members. Proof of service is required through Troop ID. See more.

Princess Cruises

As part of their “Military Cruise Benefit Program” active duty, retired or disabled military personnel, and veterans can get up to $250 in free onboard spending money. This military benefit is eligible on any cruise, any time of the year. To qualify you will need to download the application form from their website and submit it directly to Princess Cruises via email, fax or mail. See more.

Radisson Hotels

Radisson offers room rate discounts based on availability to active duty and retired military personnel with valid ID. When booking online, be sure to click the “government rate” option. See more.

Red Lion Hotels

15% off best available rates at all Red Lion Hotels, Red Lion Inn & Suites, Hotel RL, GuestHouse and Settle Inn properties. Open to active-duty and retired military personnel, as well as their families. See more.

Red Roof Inn

Active duty and retired military members receive 10% room rates. When booking online, use the VP+(R) code 604287. See more.

Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino offers exclusive discounts to former and active military service members. Proof of service is required through TroopID. See more.

Royal Caribbean

Take advantage of special cruise rates available for military personnel and their family members. Eligible military members must be in the same stateroom in order for dependents to qualify for discounted rates. Discounts are subject to terms. See more.

Sandals Vacations

Military members in the U.S. or Canada receive 10% off the purchase of all-inclusive vacation packages from Sandals. The discount is on top of other promotions the company offers. See more.

Six Flags Amusement Parks

Six Flags parks offer military appreciation days where military members receive free admission. Days vary by park and season. Additionally, Tickets are available at discounted prices, varies by location, on military bases and installations through the MWR or ITT recreation offices. Quantities are unlimited with a valid military or DoD ID. Discounted tickets are NOT available at the parks. See more.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines does offer a military fare, but you will need to provide them with valid I.D. and give them a call at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA. You cannot receive the military fare online. See more.

Starwood Hotels

Active or retired military members and their families may take advantage of special online rates. See more.

United Airlines

Active duty and retired service members and their families can get 5% off of airline tickets through the Veteran’s Advantage Program. Valid on United-and United Express operated flights that were purchased through united.com. See more.

United Vacations

Members of the U.S. military can get the exclusive discount on vacation deals at United Vacations. Send an email from your military email address to [email protected]. Include your branch of service where company name is asked for in the subject and body of the email. See more.

Veterans Advantage

VetRewards CarePackage coverage is included at no additional cost, with extra benefits we’ve created to further enhance your savings and lifestyle. You’ll be eligible with your subscription for low-cost TravelProtection for only $20 a year and family cards at 50% OFF. See more.


10% discount for military members. See more.

Wyndham Hotel Group

Wyndham Hotel Group offers discounted rates at participating hotels to active duty military service members. Restrictions apply. See more.

Wireless & Internet Discounts for Military

AT&T Internet Discount

Discounts available for Military & Veterans. See more.

AT&T Wireless Discount

To show our appreciation for veterans, active duty service members, and military families, AT&T provides a 25% discount on all of its unlimited wireless plans. This adds up to a savings of $600 per year for a plan with four lines of AT&T Unlimited Elite. See more.

Cox Communications

Eligible households can receive up to $50 off their current internet service, including equipment costs. See more.


DIRECTV offers VetRewards and you will be eligible for TravelProtection at only $20 for a full year of coverage. With VetRewards, you can add family members to your primary plan at 50% off every year. See more.


$50 for a DISH satellite TV bundle. See more.


Frontier participates in the Lifeline program. See more.


HughesNet participates in the Emergency Broadband Benefit that provides $50/mo. towards broadband service for eligible households and $75/mo. for households on qualifying Tribal lands. See more.


Mediacom participates in the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program that provides a temporary discount on monthly broadband bills for qualifying low-income households. This program is available to both current and new Mediacom Internet customers who qualify. See more.


Eligible households can receive up to $50 off RCN internet service, including equipment costs, with the EBB discount on select rate plans if you qualify. See more.


Access exclusive discounts, free shipping, and low monthly payments in their U.S. Military Discount Program. Sign up using your valid military email address. See more.

Silk Smartish

U.S. military members can verify online at Silk Smartish to receive a 15% discount on select phones and accessories. See more.


Sparklight participates in the EBB program to provide a monthly discount of up to $50 per household (up to $75 in Tribal Lands in Oklahoma) towards broadband service for eligible households. See more.


At Spectrum, we value your military service. In appreciation of your service, we encourage you to take advantage of the benefits available to you should you decide to cancel your Spectrum Home Phone and/or Mobile service. As a benefit of the Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA), you are eligible to reserve your phone number for up to 3 years from the time you cancel your Spectrum service. See more.


Active and retired military service members can get monthly service discounts and other benefits through the Sprint Works Program. Proof of military service is required. See more.

Suddenlink participates in the EBB and eligible customers can receive a monthly credit of up to $50/mo. (or up to $75/mo. for residents on Tribal Lands) towards their Internet service and equipment. See more.


Exclusive to active-duty military, veterans and their families, with 50% off our regular Magenta plan rates for family lines. And 5G access is included in every plan. See more.

US Cellular

US Cellular offers 15% off monthly calling plan charges for active duty and retired military service members. Call 1-888-944-9400 or 611 from your U.S. Cellular wireless phone to verify eligibility. See more.

Verizon Fios

Verizon is proud to offer military and veterans everything from special discounts to employment opportunities. See more.

Verizon Wireless

We’re proud to offer military and veterans everything from special discounts to employment opportunities. See more.


To honor all military, veterans, and first responders, Viasat created a special offer with savings of $500+ over 2 years. See more.


Active duty and retired military service members get a 20% discount on select Dash phone plans. Proof of military service is required. See more.


At Comcast, your military service matters to us. In gratitude for your service, we have a special customer offer if you’re currently serving in the military or if you’re a veteran: a one-time $25 Xfinity coupon that can be used toward your next Xfinity On Demand rental or purchase or as a credit to your bill. In addition, if you’ve signed up for Xfinity service with a minimum term agreement within the past 90 days, you’re eligible to receive a special $100 Visa prepaid card. See more.