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radio stations tallahassee

Radio Stations in Tallahassee, FL

There are numerous radio stations in Tallahassee, FL, including a fun college station called V89 and classic rock station 104.1 that has been playing the same songs for 40 years.

These stations offer a variety of programming, from news and talk shows to music and sports. There is something for everyone on the radio in Tallahassee, FL.

Here is a full list of all of the stations.

Call Sign Freq. City Format
WAYT 88.1 FM Thomasville, GA
Christian Contemporary
WFSU 88.9 FM Tallahassee, FL Public Radio
WVFS 89.7 FM Tallahassee, FL College
WFRU 90.1 FM Quincy, FL Religious
WANM 90.5 FM Tallahassee, FL
Urban Contemporary
WUJC 91.1 FM Saint Marks, FL Religious
WFSQ 91.5 FM Tallahassee, FL Classical
WKVH 91.9 FM Monticello, FL
Christian Contemporary
W224AT (WFSQ) 92.7 FM Tallahassee, FL Classical
WVFT 93.3 FM Gretna, FL News/Talk
W229AD (WFSU) 93.7 FM Tallahassee, FL Public Radio
WAKU 94.1 FM Crawfordville, FL
Christian Contemporary
WTNT 94.9 FM Tallahassee, FL Country
W237FB (WTAL-AM) 95.3 FM Tallahassee, FL Religious
W239CG (WTNT) 95.7 FM Tallahassee, FL Country
WHBX 96.1 FM Tallahassee, FL
Urban Contemporary
W243EG (WTLY-AM) 96.5 FM Tallahassee, FL Classic Hip-Hop
W245CB (WCVC-AM) 96.9 FM Tallahassee, FL Religious
WGEX 97.3 FM Bainbridge, GA Top-40
WTSM 97.9 FM Woodville, FL
Christian Contemporary
W252BN (WWLD-HD2) 98.3 FM Tallahassee, FL Gospel Music
WBZE 98.9 FM Tallahassee, FL Hot AC
W258BC (WAYT) 99.5 FM Perkins, FL
Christian Contemporary
WXTY 99.9 FM Lafayette, FL Adult Hits
WFLA 100.7 FM Midway, FL News/Talk
WXSR 101.5 FM Quincy, FL Rock
WDXD (LPFM) 101.9 FM Tallahassee, FL Country
WWLD 102.3 FM Cairo, GA
Urban Contemporary
WWOF 103.1 FM Tallahassee, FL Country
W279CU (WKVH) 103.7 FM Tallahassee, FL
Christian Contemporary
WGLF 104.1 FM Tallahassee, FL Classic Hits
W283AW (WUJC) 104.5 FM Tallahassee, FL Religious
WHTF 104.9 FM Havana, FL Top-40
W287CO (WGMY) 105.3 FM Tallahassee, FL Top-40
WFRF 105.7 FM Monticello, FL Religious
WQTL 106.1 FM Tallahassee, FL Oldies
W294CX (WFRF-AM) 106.7 FM Tallahassee, FL Spanish Christian
WGMY 107.1 FM Thomasville, GA Top-40
WNEE (LPFM) 107.5 FM Tallahassee, FL Religious
WFSD (LPFM) 107.9 FM Tallahassee, FL Religious
WSTT 730 AM Thomasville, GA Gospel Music
WGRA 790 AM Cairo, GA News/Talk
WWBA 820 AM Largo, FL Talk
WHGH 840 AM Thomasville, GA
Urban Contemporary
WMGR 930 AM Bainbridge, GA
Christian Contemporary
WFRF 1070 AM Tallahassee, FL Spanish Christian
WTLY 1270 AM Tallahassee, FL Classic Hip-Hop
WCVC 1330 AM Tallahassee, FL Religious
WTAL 1450 AM Tallahassee, FL Religious
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