Gasparilla – What to Wear to Gasparilla and What to Know

Gasparilla in Tampa is a vibrant celebration, akin to a Mardi Gras affair, happening during a specific time of year. Dressing for Gasparilla calls for a pirate-themed outfit, as it’s all about the Parade of Pirates along Bayshore Boulevard.

It’s the third-largest parade in the US, making outfit inspo an essential part of the festivities.

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For those in a quick last-minute scramble for a Gasparilla look, consider a dead threads haul or get Gasparilla-ready with Boca Grande vibes, offering diverse Gasparilla outfit ideas.

The Gaspy look is essential, and Gasparilla is the best day of the year to flaunt your lady pirate or dapper pirate ensemble. Some opt for a classic white shirt paired with white jeans for a crisp, Gasparilla-ready attire.

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The Gasparilla Pirate Festival warrants different dress codes depending on where you are along the parade route. For the best views, consider Davis Island or seek the wet zone experience for an adrenaline rush during the pirate invasion.

Remember, Gasparilla outfit ideas often involve pirate fashions, but it’s an open book for creativity.

In terms of Gasparilla outfit inspo, take cues from last year’s coverage of the pirate invasion or @Brooke Rogers for a stylish Gasparilla ensemble. The Gasparilla Inn might offer some inspiration for a classic Gasparilla look, while city of Tampa shops could cater to last-minute Gasparilla outfit needs.

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a Gasparilla veteran, dressing up for Gasparilla is part of the excitement. And when you’re all Gasparilla-ready, you’re set to enjoy one of the best places for a fantastic Gasparilla experience!

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Gasparilla is a festive and lively event in Tampa, Florida, known for its pirate-themed celebrations. Here’s what you can consider wearing to embrace the spirit:

  1. Pirate Attire: It’s all about the pirate theme! Don your best pirate outfit—think striped shirts, bandanas, eye patches, and tricorn hats. Some even go for full-on pirate costumes, complete with vests, boots, and belts.
  2. Nautical-Inspired Clothing: Embrace a nautical style with blue and white striped shirts, sailor-inspired dresses or tops, and navy-themed accessories like anchor earrings or necklaces.
  3. Comfortable Clothing: The event involves walking around, so opt for comfortable attire. Casual, breathable clothing like shorts, t-shirts, and sundresses is a good choice, especially considering the typical warm Florida weather.
  4. Costumes and Outlandish Attire: Gasparilla also allows for creativity! People often dress in eccentric, flamboyant costumes, sometimes inspired by sea creatures, mermaids, or even other fantasy themes.
  5. Accessories: Hats, especially wide-brimmed ones for sun protection, sunglasses, and comfortable footwear such as sneakers or sandals for walking. Consider bringing a small backpack or crossbody bag to carry essentials like sunscreen, water, and snacks.
  6. Pirate-Themed Makeup: Have fun with your makeup! Opt for bold eyeliner, smokey eyes, or even face paint in pirate-inspired designs.
  7. Team Spirit or Themed Outfits: Some groups opt for matching outfits or themes, so if you’re attending with friends, consider coordinating your looks.

Remember, Gasparilla is a festive event that encourages creativity and fun. Embrace the pirate spirit and feel free to get creative with your outfit!