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Publix’s Secret Offerings: More Than Just a Supermarket

Publix, a renowned supermarket chain primarily based in the Southeastern United States, offers a plethora of unique and enticing services that extend far beyond the usual grocery shopping experience. Beyond its array of fresh produce and household items, Publix surprises customers with a range of delightful offerings.

1. Deli “Pub” Subs:

One of Publix’s most beloved offerings is their iconic deli “Pub” subs. These made-to-order sandwiches, customizable with an array of fresh ingredients and high-quality deli meats, are a favorite among customers. Whether you opt for the classic Chicken Tender Pub Sub or explore other varieties, these subs offer a deliciously satisfying meal.

publix 5 dollar sushi

2. Sushi Wednesdays:

On certain days, many Publix locations feature Sushi Wednesdays, where customers can indulge in freshly prepared sushi rolls crafted by skilled sushi chefs. These rolls incorporate premium ingredients and offer a tasty alternative for sushi enthusiasts seeking a quick and convenient meal option.

3. Steamed Crab Legs:

Seafood aficionados can relish the opportunity to purchase and savor freshly steamed crab legs from Publix’s seafood department. With their commitment to quality, Publix offers a selection of delectable seafood, and the steamed crab legs are a standout favorite.

publix poke bowl

4. Poke Bowls:

For those craving a taste of Hawaiian cuisine, select Publix locations offer poke bowls. These flavorful bowls typically feature fresh fish, rice, vegetables, and an assortment of delectable toppings, catering to customers seeking a healthy and exotic meal.

5. Salad Bars:

Publix boasts well-stocked salad bars, allowing customers to create customized salads with an array of fresh greens, toppings, dressings, and protein options. It’s a convenient option for health-conscious shoppers looking for nutritious and customizable meal solutions.

6. Bakery Freshness:

Publix’s bakery department is a treasure trove of freshly baked goods. From artisanal bread to mouthwatering desserts, their bakery offers an assortment of treats that cater to various tastes and occasions.

fried chicken on a warming display case at a publix grocery stor

7. Deli Selection:

Known for its quality, Publix features a wide selection of Boar’s Head meats and cheeses at their deli counters. Customers can find premium deli cuts for their sandwiches and charcuterie needs. There is even fried chicken!

8. GreenWise Market:

Publix’s GreenWise Market is a haven for health-conscious shoppers. This specialized section offers organic and natural products, including fresh produce, meats, and groceries, catering to those seeking healthier alternatives.

9. Online Ordering & Delivery:

Publix provides online ordering and delivery services for groceries, allowing customers the convenience of shopping from home and having their items delivered straight to their doorsteps.

10. Community Engagement:

Publix actively engages with the community through charitable contributions, sponsorships, and initiatives. Their commitment to supporting local organizations and causes strengthens their bond with the communities they serve.

11. In-Store Events:

Publix often hosts in-store events, promotions, and tastings, providing customers with opportunities to sample new products or learn about different culinary experiences.

12. Publix Aprons Recipes:

The Publix Aprons program offers recipe ideas and cooking demonstrations in-store, inspiring customers to try new dishes and enhance their cooking skills.

the pharmacy counter at a publix grocery store in orlando, flori

13. Pharmacy Services:

Publix pharmacies extend beyond prescriptions, offering flu shots, health screenings, and various healthcare products, ensuring comprehensive wellness support.

14. Store Cleanliness & Organization:

Publix prides itself on maintaining clean, organized stores. Their attention to cleanliness and well-arranged aisles creates a pleasant shopping environment.

15. Employee Ownership & Satisfaction:

As an employee-owned company, Publix fosters a positive work environment, resulting in dedicated and friendly staff members who provide exceptional service.

These additional aspects further highlight Publix’s commitment to quality, community engagement, convenience, and customer satisfaction, making it a standout destination for shoppers seeking more than just groceries. Don’t forget to get your Publix Freebies every month!


Publix supermarkets are primarily located in the Southeastern United States, including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. The unique offerings may vary by location, so it’s recommended to check with your local Publix for specific services available.

Customer Experience:

Publix prides itself on providing exceptional customer service, quality products, and a pleasant shopping experience. The welcoming atmosphere and commitment to customer satisfaction have contributed to its loyal customer base and positive reputation.

From the iconic “Pub” subs to the diverse array of specialty offerings like sushi, steamed crab legs, and salad bars, Publix continues to surprise and delight customers with its unique and enticing services. With a dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, Publix stands out as more than just a grocery store but as a destination offering diverse and delicious experiences for its patrons.

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