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Tallahassee Facts

Colleges in Tallahassee

According to college experts, college graduates that attend college could end up making 50% more than their counterparts who graduate from college elsewhere. Tallahassee has a number of colleges and universities for students to choose from. At the moment there…

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Sand Bag Locations in Leon County

Leon County offers free sand bags for Leon County residents. Sandbags are limited to 25 bags per household from city locations. Anyone who does visit one of the two sites will need to bring their own shovel and be prepared…

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back to school calendar

Leon Country School Calendars Through 2026

Planning ahead for vacations can be a smart move. Below, you’ll find the Leon County School calendars stretching all the way through 2026. These calendars serve as valuable guides for scheduling getaways, family trips, or events in sync with school…

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Zoos in Tallahassee, FL

If you have lived in Tallahassee for a while, you just went What??? There isn’t a zoo here. True! But there is a quite a few cool places where you can see animals! Here are our favorites places to see…

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Schools Offering Pre-K in Tallahassee

There are quite a few Schools Offering Pre-K in Tallahassee! Pre-kindergarten provides learning to children who are 4 years old on or before September 1. Preschool provides learning to children who are 3 years olds on or before September 1.…

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