What to Do With Lost and Found Pets in Tallahassee

There is a great Facebook group called “Lost and Found Pets Tallahassee” that focuses on returning lost pets. It is an all-volunteer group so all of their services are 100% FREE!

Here’s what you need to know:

The website is www.HelpingLostPets.com (HeLP)

• You will be able to download free flyers immediately. This is the #1 way to reunite a lost pet.
• Your pet will be entered into a searchable map-based database of lost/found pets — no more scrolling through Facebook pages trying to remember where you saw a lost/found dog or cat!

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE PHOTO YOU USE: Please take a moment to find the very best, clear photo you have of your pet. If possible, the photo should show their face and entire body, as well as include any unusual markings or features that would help a stranger recognize them from the photo. The picture is very important and is often the key them getting back home!! We are unable to post photos with people in them. We will request a new photo if these guidelines aren’t met, which will delay the posting of your pet. We want to get your flyer posted as quickly as possible.


CONTACT YOUR LOCAL SHELTER if you have lost or found a pet.

CATS: Your listing will also be shared to Lost Cats Florida and Twitter.

DOGS: Your listing will come to us directly from our partner Lost Dogs Florida, and we will share your flyer will be shared from their page to ours. Your flyer will also be sent out on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

SEARCH THE DATABASE FREQUENTLY: www.HelpingLostPets.com/Map. The pet may already be listed here! Be sure to check frequently for new listings that come in.

CHECK COMMENTS UNDER YOUR FLYER AND IN THE VISITORS POST SECTION FREQUENTLY for possible tips or leads. Don’t miss a lead on your pet.

TO UPDATE OR CHANGE YOUR LISTING: You can change or add photos, contact information, or update the pet when they are home. www.helpinglostpets.com/mypets. Please update here as soon as the pet is home so our volunteers can focus on pets who are still missing, and deserve to get full attention, so please update as soon as the pet is safe!



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