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Address: 117 Beaty Taff Dr , Crawfordville, FL, United States, Florida

Phone: 850-294-1290

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The seasonal winds that blow in from the Gulf, enhanced by the geography of the bay and coastline at Shell Point, provide ideal conditions for wind enthusiasts in this small coastal community located in southeastern Wakulla County. Sailors and windsurfers alike are drawn to these shores because of the perfect sea breezes. An entertaining wind ceremony is held early each spring by the local sailboard group to celebrate the natural cycle of wind, water and sun, and ensure fair weather and perfect winds for the coming year. The very active sailing community is supported by the Shell Point Yacht Club which hosts several races and regattas throughout the year and sponsors a local Sea Scout unit. The Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta, a total community effort, draws as many as 200 participants and hundreds of spectators from all over the southeast the last weekend in April.