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Levy Pool

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Address: 300 W 7th Ave Tallahassee, FL 32303

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About Levy Pool:

Here in Levy Park, you’ll find all kinds awesome neighbors — young people and old folks, entrepreneurs and civil servants, teachers and students, artists and musicians. We are active gardeners, urban farmers, cyclists, skaters, runners and walkers. We enjoy ourselves in the parks and fields, farmers markets, shops, and taverns of Midtown, Frenchtown, and Lake Ella. We love our pets, be they dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, goats or guinea pigs. We appreciate our diverse history and eclectic style, while we anticipate a bright future with butterfly gardens and little libraries where hearts and minds can grow. We celebrate with potlucks, steampunk caroling, fireside jam sessions, and yard sales. We are neighbors, friends and families, and we look out for each other. Which is why we created this Facebook page — to serve as a forum for fostering community and nurturing the true awesomeness that is Levy Park. See less