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Havana Pumpkin Fest

Havana Pumpkin Fest Details:

Address: Havana, Havana, FL 32333, USA

Phone: 850-755-2999

Havana Pumpkin Fest Website

Havana Pumpkin Fest Facebook Page

Havana Pumpkin Fest Hours:

Always open

About Havana Pumpkin Fest:

Our names sound familiar but our story is unique. We are not the exotic pastels of Cuba’s island capital, nor the sandy beaches of Florida’s many coasts, but for over 100 years, people have been drawn to these rich, rolling Florida hills.

Drawn here to grow.

Drawn here to thrive.

Under our cheese cloth shelters, we grew shade tobacco, something truly unique across our agrarian south.

Our natural warmth nurtured it.

Our diligent effort made it possible.

And that warmth and effort are still live today. From the halls of our museum to the pews of our churches, from the warm welcome of our shopkeepers to a cool scoop of ice cream downtown, we are proud to be Florida’s Friendliest Small Town.

We are Havana. We are where Florida begins. You know our coasts, yet we are far from flat. You know our sunshine, yet we are known for shade. Discover something pleasantly different, where the palms change to pines, and where the sand shift to fertile ground. We have deep roots. We have caring hearts. We have all the best of small town life.