Mashes Sands Beach

Mashes Sands Beach

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Address: 801 Mashes Sands Road, Panacea, FL, 32346

Phone: 850-745-7780

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This secluded beach and simple county park are located at the eastern end of Mashes Sands Road where Coastal Highway 98 intersects Ochlockonee Bay Bridge. The quiet shores overlook the wide mouth of the Ochlockonee River as it empties into the bay. The shallow waters are ideal for beachcombers and young children. Intriguing patterns created in the muddy flats at low tide will appeal to nature photographers and nature lovers will enjoy the wilderness of this beach. Look for animal tracks left in the soft sand; admire stately wading birds; be amused by little sandpipers as they skitter along the shore. In the tall branches of the surrounding pine and oak, nest larger birds of prey. Tidal marsh pools tucked away in the dunes invite curious exploration. Park facilities include restrooms, a fishing pier, and boat ramp. Enjoy Mashes Sands during the day for swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, picnicking, wildlife watching, nature photography, kayaking, boating and fishing. Stay for the late afternoon gulf breezes and sunsets – a perfect way to end your day in Wakulla!