Natural Snake Repellents – Home Remedies to Keep Snakes Away

It’s seems to always be snake season here in Tallahassee. Are you tired of seeing them around your property? If so, I have some tips for keeping them out of your yard…naturally!

green snake

It can be natural to feel scared and intimidated when faced with a slithering reptile, but luckily, they’re much easier to repel than most people might think. Thankfully, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to naturally keep these slippery creatures away from your paths.

Plant lavender, marigolds and citronella to repel snakes

Snakes can be a scary nuisance, but with the right tools getting rid of them can be an easy task. One natural way to repel snakes is by planting certain herbs and flowers, such as lavender, marigolds and citronella, around your property. All three plants have scents that will keep the snakes away when they catch a whiff of the leafy aroma.

Not only do these herbs provide a useful purpose in snake prevention and repellent, but they add plenty of natural beauty to outdoor areas. Don’t let snakes get in between you and enjoying your outdoor paradise – instead, rely on nature to help keep them away!

Place mothballs around your garden to keep snakes away

While snakes are usually considered harmless creatures, nobody wants to have unwanted guests slither around their garden. Thankfully, there is an easy way to keep them away using mothballs! Mothballs can be strategically placed in your garden to create an unpleasant environment for any unwelcome snakes nearby.

This natural approach to snake prevention does not harm the environment and is a great way of keeping your garden secure without the need for more drastic measures. So if you want to make sure your garden is snake-free, try using mothballs!

crushed gravel in yard

Create a perimeter using crushed rock or gravel around your property

Creating a physical barrier between your property and the outside environment is an easy and natural way to deter snakes from entering your space. The best option for this would be to create a perimeter around the area with crushed rock or gravel – they need something solid like that to slither over, as soft surfaces like sand won’t do them any good.

It won’t necessarily keep all snakes away, but can certainly help minimize their activities within your domain. Crushed rock or gravel is also low-maintenance and very affordable, meaning you can easily maintain the outer layer of defense without breaking the bank.

Keep pet food inside and clean up after your animals frequently

Keeping your pet food inside may not be enough to prevent snakes from entering your home, but it can help minimize the chances. Snakes are attracted to warm areas and extra food around, so if you are able to keep pet food off the ground, store it safely away indoors, and clean up after your animals frequently then you can greatly reduce the appeal of your exterior environment for snakes. It’s an important step in helping keep them out of your home naturally!

wood shed

Get rid of any structure in your yard that could provide shelter for snakes, such as wood piles

When it comes to dealing with snakes around your home, prevention is key. One easy and important way to keep them away is by getting rid of any structure in the yard that could potentially provide shelter for the reptiles. This means removing any large rocks or logs, relocating any firewood piles far from the house and filling in old burrows.

If you have a garden, be sure to keep it well-maintained as overgrown shrubbery can easily become a hideout for these sneaky creatures. By taking such simple steps, you’ll be able to create a snake-free zone in your backyard and make it much clearer that wild animals are not welcome here!

Spray white vinegar around your yard or garden weekly to repel snakes naturally

One way to repel snakes naturally is to spray white vinegar around your yard or garden weekly. This technique of using a natural solution, such as white vinegar, can be effective in deterring these slimy critters from invading your property. In addition to spraying vinegar, there are nine other environmentally friendly ways you can help keep snakes away from your home and loved ones. From planting certain strong-smelling herbs and shrubs to utilizing wind chimes and motion-activated sprinklers, there are a variety of creative solutions available for preventing unwanted snake visitors from entering your property.

Although there are different ways to naturally repel snakes, none of them are foolproof. The most effective way to keep snakes away is to make your yard less attractive as a habitat by mowing frequently and using the tips above.

Most importantly, if you know that snake sightings are common in your area, it’s best to seek professional advice from an experienced wildlife expert before attempting to remove the snakes yourself. With these tips in mind, you can rest assured knowing that any snake problems can be handled safely and efficiently.