National Pretzel Day: Free or Discounted Pretzels

national pretzel day

Today, April 26 is National Pretzel Day and a few places are offering free (or discounted) pretzels to celebrate!

Township Tallahassee is offering $5 Big Daddy Pretzels all day!

Auntie Anne’s is offering a Free Pretzel for Pretzel Perk members. Governor’s Square mall location should be participating.

Pretzel Maker is offering pretzels for only 26¢! Just be sure to say “Happy Birthday” to your cashier at checkout! Valid at participating locations only so you may want to call ahead to verify that your location is participating. There are none in Tallahassee but there are some locations in Valdosta and Panama City if you are traveling today!

There are a few different accounts of the origin of the pretzel.  Most people agree that it does have a Christian background, and they were developed by the monks.  According to The History of Science and Technology, in 610 AD, “an Italian monk invents pretzels as a reward to children who learn their prayers.  He calls the strips of baked dough, folded to resemble arms crossing the chest, pretiola (little rewards).”

Another source puts the invention in a monastery in southern France. The looped pretzel may also be related to a Greek Ring bread from the communion bread used in monasteries a thousand years ago.  In the Catholic Church, pretzels had a religious significance for both ingredients and shape. The loops in pretzel may have served a practical purpose: bakers could hang them on sticks, projecting upwards from a central column, as shown in Job Berckheyde’s (1681) painting.

The Pennsylvania Dutch immigrants introduced pretzels to North America in the 19th century.  At this time, many handmade pretzel bakeries populated central Pennsylvania, and their popularity quickly spread.

It was in the 20th century that soft pretzels were very popular in areas such as Philadelphia, Chicago and New York.

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