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2023 – August 2 Teachers Report 2-4 Teacher Planning/Inservice Days 7-9 Teacher Planning/Inservice Days 10 Students Report September 4 Labor Day Holiday (Districtwide) 25 Fall Holiday (Districtwide) October 13 End of First Nine Weeks 16 Teacher Planning/Inservice Day November 10…

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Things to Do in Tallahassee with Older Kids

There are plenty of other great things to do in Tallahassee with older kids, but these are just a few of our favorites. We hope you enjoy exploring the city with your family! Let us know if you have any…

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Must Do Fall Activities in Tallahassee, FL

Fall is coming!! If you are anything like me, you are excited for all things pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters and fires in the fireplace. As the weather gets cooler, there are still plenty of activities to do around Tallahassee. Here…

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Tallahassee National Coffee Day Deals & Freebies

Tallahassee National Coffee Day Deals September 29th is National Coffee Day and a few places are offering free (or discounted) coffee to celebrate. Here are the Tallahassee National Coffee Day Deals and Freebies that we know are available. If you know…

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Mother’s Day Deals & Events

Mother’s Day Deals & Events in Tallahassee, FL. Mother’s day is coming soon and there are lots of fun and unusual things you can do with Mom. Here’s our favorites… [ai1ec tag_name=”mother’s day 2017″ display_filters=”false”]

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